10 Lines on Discipline Essay in English

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10 lines on Discipline in English

90 words on Discipline Short Essay

  1. Discipline means obeying the rule of following the rule.
  2. When we obey the rule, our life gets organized.
  3. There is a kind of normality in our lives.
  4. It is a pleasure to work on the rules.
  5. Then every task becomes simple.
  6. This is the reason that there is an effort to maintain discipline in schools.
  7. Discipline is given great importance in the army and police forces.
  8. Similarly, it is necessary to have discipline in family and society too.
  9. The nation grows by discipline.
  10. A person living disciplined life benefits in many ways.

10 lines on Discipline in English

100 words on Discipline Short Essay

  1. Discipline is an invaluable heritage of any human being.
  2. Even animals follow discipline.
  3. In our daily works, many tasks indicate discipline.
  4. There is a discipline in getting up early in the morning, taking a bath, brushing teeth, going to school or office, etc.
  5. Eating morning and evening meals on time is also discipline.
  6. Every task becomes easy with discipline.
  7. A disciplined life is necessary to achieve peace in life.
  8. If there is no discipline in a man then there will be more problems in his life.
  9. Is discipline only in humans? the answer is no.
  10. Everything in this universe is under discipline.

10 lines on Discipline in English

110 words on Discipline Short Essay

  1. Discipline is not the solution to every problem, but there is definitely a solution to some problem.
  2. The discipline is also called the key to success.
  3. Every impossible task is possible only with discipline.
  4. To liberate the country from the slavery of the British, the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, had adopted a life of discipline.
  5. It was the power of discipline that Gandhiji succeeded.
  6. A disciplined life only leads man to the path of success.
  7. Every successful person has strict discipline in the past.
  8. Success is achieved only by sowing the seeds of discipline.
  9. Man’s life is inactive without discipline.
  10. So, We should live with discipline.

10 lines on Discipline in English

130 words on Discipline Short Essay

  1. Discipline is the right way to do things well.
  2. It requires control over the mind and body.
  3. One has a natural property of self-discipline, but one has to cultivate it inside them.
  4. Discipline is the ability to control emotion and do the right thing at the right time and also removes weaknesses.
  5. Life without discipline is incomplete and unsuccessful.
  6. We should follow certain rules while respecting our elders and superiors.
  7. It is a very essential tool for everyone in every sphere of life at home, office, playground or another place.
  8. If we do not follow discipline then our daily life will become unorganized.
  9. There is a discipline in everything in this world and organized by discipline.
  10. Air, water, and land give us the way to live life.

10 lines on Discipline in English

170 words on Discipline Short Essay

  1. A disciplined person is obedient and has self-governing behaviour to obey the proper authority.
  2. Discipline holds great importance throughout life and is needed in every task of life.
  3. This is necessary for everyone who is required to work seriously on any project.
  4. If we do not obey the orders and rules of our superiors, then we must face difficulties and may fail.
  5. We should always be in discipline and follow the orders of our teachers and parents to be successful in our lives.
  6. We should wake up early in the morning, go to the toilet after drinking clean water as per regular routine, take a bath after cleaning the teeth and after that we should have breakfast.
  7. All of us should not go to school without taking food.
  8. We should do our homework with cleanliness and cleanliness at the right time.
  9. We should never disrespect, deny or grieve the words of our parents.
  10. All of us should go to our school in uniform and at the right time.


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