10 Lines on Guru Nanak Jayanti in English for Students and Children

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10 lines on Guru Nanak Jayanti in English

Few lines on Guru Nanak Jayanti Paragraph in 130 words

  1. Guru Parva or Prakash Parv is celebrated on the birthday of Guru Nanak.
  2. The Nanak festival is celebrated with reverence and joy on the day of Kartik Purnima.
  3. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on April 15, 1469, in Talwandi, Rai Bhoi, which is now in Nankana Sahib in Punjab province of Pakistan.
  4. Nankana Sahib Gurdwara is also situated at this place, which is considered a famous religious place of Sikhs.
  5. Every year, Nankana Sahib gets a lot of people on Guru Parv.
  6. Apart from Nankana Sahib, city kirtans are performed in many gurdwaras in India.
  7. Gurudwara decorations are also a view.
  8. The first Guru of the Sikh community was Nanak Dev Ji.
  9. Guru Nanak Dev Ji laid the foundation of the Sikh community.
  10. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was called Baba Nanak and Nanakshah.

10 lines on Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 150 words

Some lines about Guru Nanak Ji short Essay in English

  1. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on April 15, 1469, at a place called Talwandi, this place is in Pakistan.
  2. Father’s name was Mahita Kalu Ji’s Patwari.
  3. Nanak’s mother’s name was Tripta Devi.
  4. He had an elder sister named Babe Nanaki.
  5. Nanak was married on September 24, 1487 AD. He also had two sons named Srichand and Lakshmichand.
  6. He is the first Guru of the Sikhs. His followers address him by the names of Guru Nanak, Baba Nanak, and Nankashah.
  7. Talwandi was later renamed Nanaksar
  8. He was sent to Guruji at the age of 7 to study.
  9. He found lost people around the world on the straight path.
  10. On September 22, 1539, at the age of 70, He went to Jyoti – Jyot Sama.
  11. The Guruparava is celebrated every year on the full moon day of Katak; this day is the birthday of Nanak Dev Ji.

10 lines on Guru Nanak in 200 words

Few lines Essay on Guru Nanak Jayanti in English

  1. Born on April 15, 1469, in Talwandi, Guru Nanak Dev was the founder of Sikhism.
  2. At the time of his birth, the Pandits predicted that his interest would be in the path of religion and that they would receive equal respect from both Hindus and Muslims. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was never interested in Dharnjan.
  3. At one time, by paying twenty rupees, his father sent him to Lahore for business. He used this money to feed some sadhus found on the way.
  4. For other trade purposes, when he was put in, he spent his money only on the miserable-poor.
  5. He was married at the age of eighteen and later had two sons.
  6. But his mind never felt in the world, and he set out in search of devotion.  He spread his principles everywhere.
  7. They organized langars where rich and poor all cooked and ate food in a kitchen.
  8. Guru Nanak Dev Ji incorporated all the goodness of Hindu and Muslim religion into Sikhism.
  9. He composed ‘Japuji Sahib’ for morning prayer and ‘Rahras Sahib’ for evening time; in 1538 AD, at the age of 70, he became absorbed in the divine.
  10. His message was carried forward by his disciple Angad.


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