10 Lines on Rainy Season Essay in English

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5 lines on Rainy Season in English

50 words on Rainy Season Short Essay

  1. The rainy season is the queen of all seasons.
  2. The arrival of rain is a blessing for everyone.
  3. This season is going to rain.
  4. That is why its name is rainy season.
  5. The arrival of this season starts from the month of June and its work continues till the month of September.

10 lines on Rainy Season in English

100 words on Rainy Season Short Essay

  1. The rainy season comes after the heat of May-June.
  2. People used to wait very eagerly for the rainy season to get rid of the summer season.
  3. When the first rainfalls, a wave of happiness runs everywhere.
  4. With the arrival of rain, not only humans, animals and animals are very happy.
  5. Trees and plants also get refreshed by taking a bath during the rainy season.
  6. The trees look green.
  7. Due to the arrival of the rainy season, thirsty land also comes out.
  8. The earth also starts swinging.
  9. The fragrance smells from the soil.
  10. The crops swing.

10 lines on Rainy Season in English

110 words on Rainy Season Short Essay

  1. I like the rainy season the most.
  2. It is also known as the monsoon season.
  3. The monsoon comes from the coast of Kerala towards North India.
  4. This is my favorite and best season of all four seasons.
  5. The rainy season starts in India in the month of June,
  6. When the southwest monsoon winds blow.
  7. The monsoon begins in the mid of June and continues until September.
  8. In the rainy season, the tree plants have green leaves and greenery is covered.
  9. According to the Hindu calendar, this season is felt in the months of Ashada and Shravan.
  10. In the rainy season, everyone takes out raincoats and umbrellas from their respective homes.

10 lines on Rainy Season in English

120 words on Rainy Season Short Essay

  1. Rainy season comes after the summer season and is one of the four main seasons of India.
  2. The rainy season occurs mainly in Shravan and Bhadas.
  3. Rainy season arrives in July and lasts for three months.
  4. People are filled with happiness with the arrival of the rainy season.
  5. The wait for rain is very much for the farmers as rain helps the crops to grow.
  6. The rainbow appears very often in the Rainy season.
  7. Rainy season brings many festivals with her.
  8. The rainy season also has a very good effect on nature.
  9. During rain, the whole sky is bright and new leaves start coming up on the trees, and flowers start blooming.
  10. Rainy season makes us feel relieved by the heat.

10 lines on Rainy Season in English

150 words on Rainy Season Short Essay

  1. The rainy season in India starts in the month of July and lasts until the end of September.
  2. It brings hope and relief in everyone’s life after unbearable heat.
  3. Along with humans, trees, plants, birds, and animals all eagerly await it and make a lot of preparations to welcome it.
  4. Everyone gets a sigh of relief and relief in this season.
  5. The sky looks very bright, clear, and light blue, and sometimes a rainbow of seven colors can also be seen.
  6. The whole environment looks beautiful and attractive.
  7. Generally, I take photographs of a green environment and other things so that they remain like memories in my camera.
  8. White, brown, and dark black clouds are seen traveling in the sky.
  9. All the trees and plants are filled with new green leaves and the gardens and grounds are covered with beautiful looking green velvet grasses.
  10. All-natural sources of water like rivers, pools, ponds, pits, etc. are filled with water.

10 lines on Rainy Season in English

160 words on Rainy Season Short Essay

  1. Somebody has rightly said that Spring is the king of the seasons and the rainy season is the queen of the seasons.
  2. The rainy season generates consciousness in nature and quenches the thirst of the earth.
  3. In the month of Aashaadh, the rainfall seems very pleasant and pleasing.
  4. With the heat of the summer, the whole earth scorches, the vegetation starts drying up.
  5. The river-drain, the ponds all dry up, the animals and birds start to fury due to the lack of water, the eyes of the farmers are fixed on the sky, and the arrival of rain.
  6. At the end of the rains, all the trees start sleeping green, bathed, sleeping with water, all the roots of the earth become blissful.
  7. Rainy brings new beauty along with her body. Greenery is seen all around.
  8. The frogs’ twit and twerk – revealing their euphoria.
  9. Peacock welcomes the rain with their cake.
  10. The sound of prawns is heard and the glow of fireflies is seen.


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