15 Lines on Importance of Trees in English

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15 lines on Importance of Trees For Kids

200 words Few lines Paragraph on Importance of Trees

  1. The tree plant is a precious gem given by nature to all humans, including animals and birds.
  2. Which keeps the entire earth green with its shade and makes us feel happy.
  3. It has been present on our earth for many years. Like us, trees and plants also breathe.
  4. By absorbing toxic gases such as carbon dioxide.
  5. It provides oxygen to us. It is always engaged in eliminating all the polluting facts and keeps the environment clean and beautiful.
  6. Almost all human needs including all animals, animals, birds, insect-moths (insects and moths) that live on earth are fulfilled by trees and plants.
  7. We get grains, fruits, flowers from plants. Which we eat and live.
  8. We get firewood, paper, rubber, furniture, and other things from their wood. Which we use in our daily life.
  9. Not only this, but many types of medicines are also made from their fruits, flowers, and plants.
  10. Which are used to remove many dangerous diseases.
  11. Leaves of trees increase the fertility of the soil.
  12. Trees also provide houses and food to animals and animals.
  13. They prevent soil erosion during rainy days.
  14. It is clear from all these things that, it is really very useful for us.
  15. But the sad aspect is that, as we move towards human modernity.

15 lines on Importance of Trees For Students and Children

220 words Few lines Paragraph on Importance of Trees

  1. Trees are vital.
  2. Trees play a vital part in our own life.
  3. Oxygen is released from trees is of fair use for individuals humans.
  4. We want oxygen to breathe, and which provides us trees and even trees take carbon dioxide we discharge.
  5. The timber we get out of trees is useful for all of us.
  6. Furniture of the residence is made of the timber of trees, which is vital because of our relaxation.
  7. You might have heard that the huts’ name, and today people meet their dreams because they build a wooden home.
  8. Nowadays, in nations such as America, roughly 60-70percent of those homes are constructed from timber.
  9. The veggies which we get out of trees, which have become beneficial for all of us.
  10. Many kinds of merchandise are created from fruits, vegetables, which can be found within our food daily.
  11. Many kinds of vitamins have been located within the human body by eating fruits and vegetables.
  12. Flowers got from trees are traditionally useful for decoration.
  13. Blossoms are considered sacred within our India; we offer blossoms obtained from such trees at God’s worship.
  14. Many organizations make perfumes out of the blossoms they receive from trees, which offer a lovely odor.
  15. All cultures, ages, and genders play an essential role at a tree planting or tree care event.


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