5 Lines on Christmas Essay in English

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5 lines on Christmas in 40 Words for Kids

Few lines on Christmas

  1. Xmas is a festival of Christians.
  2. This festival has been celebrated annually on 25 December.
  3. Xmas is among the primary festivals on earth.
  4. This day is actually just really a govt vacation.
  5. Before Xmas, folks beautify their homes and churches, etc.

Few lines Paragraph on Xmas in 45 Words

Small Paragraph on Christmas

  1. Xmas is a Christian holiday season.
  2. Xmas is celebrated annually on 25 December.
  3. On Xmas day, folks celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.
  4. On Xmas, Santa Claus is your preferred of kids.
  5. At Xmas day, folks receive presents from Santa Claus.

Some lines on Christmas in 50 Words for Children

Some Words on Christmas

  1. Xmas is an important Christian festival celebrated on 25 December.
  2. Jesus Christ was created to your afternoon of Xmas 2, 000 decades back.
  3. This festival has been celebrated annually on 25 December.
  4. Christians with the very day wait patiently.
  5. Geographically Xmas is your most significant festival on earth.
About Christmas in English

5 lines on Christmas for Students – 60 Words

Few lines Paragraph on Christmas

  1. The Christmas festival is celebrated annually on 25 December.
  2. Xmas festival is largely distinguished by most people of Christianity, nevertheless, the remainder additionally rejoices it together with top-notch, outstanding excitement.
  3. This day can be known as the largest day.
  4. It’s actually a festival whenever there’s any occasion all around the globe.
  5. This day is celebrated from the joys of Jesus’ birthday.

5 lines on Christmas – 80 Words

Few lines Paragraph on Christmas

  1. It’s the principal festival of this Christian neighborhood, that can be celebrated on 25 December annually.
  2. Christ, Jesus or even Christ came to be this day, therefore it’s a joyful party such as a birthday party.
  3. Xmas is additionally referred to as ba-da Parv, whose trainings begin weeks in advance.
  4. With this particular day, unique prayers are coordinated by adorning the Christian position of worship.
  5. In this event, the procession of Lord Jesus Christ is additionally performed by indigenous Christian men and women.


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  1. How do we celebrate Christmas?

    We celebrate the christmas day in many ways. It is celebrated as the starting of winter season. It is also celebrated as the birthday of Christians god's son Jesus Christ. On this day, many people decorate their houses, and wish together Marry Christmas.

  2. Who started Christmas?

    The Christmas celebration is started in Rome, at that time, It was not a major festival for Christians. From the 9th century, It became the major festival of Christians.

  3. What Christmas means biblically?

    According to the Bible, The Christmas is celebrated every year as the birthday of the Christians God's son. The God's son name was Jesus Christ. He was born on 25 December. The word Christmas is also made fron the Jesus surname Christ.

  4. What do people eat on Christmas?

    On Christmas, The people eat many types of dishes according to their nations:
    In Canada, people eat Bûche de Noël, Butter tarts, Candy canes, Christmas pudding, Eggnog, Fruitcake, Mince pie, etc.
    In Chile, people eat Cola de mono, Pan de Pascua, Roasted turkey, etc.
    In India, people eat Allahabadi cake, Christmas cake, Mathri, Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Kheer, etc.


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