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Best Article on Child Labour For Class 1, 2, and 3 Child

150 words on Child Labour short Article in English

Whenever work is done in hotels, industry businesses, Hotels, tea shops, etc., to earn income from a child below 14 years, he comes under child labour.

Even after so many years of our country’s independence, child labour remains a stigma for our country. It is still a matter of irony that we cannot give an excellent education to our children in today’s India.

Child labour has been made a business by the significant people and mafia, due to which child labour is increasing day by day and childhood of children is getting spoiled. With this, the future of children is wrong, but poverty also spreads in the country, and there are obstacles in developing the country.

We will have to enact stringent laws to eradicate child labour, and at the same time, we have to become aware of ourselves. Only then can we get rid of this child labour curse.

Article on Child Labour in English

280 words on Child Labour Article in English

Childhood is the best and golden time for any person, but when the burden of responsibilities is put on the little hands in childhood, their whole life gets spoiled along with youth.

Because the children get their parents or guardians to do some hard work for a few rupees so that the child is unable to read and he is not able to do any job, so he has to be forced to work throughout his life, due to which his labour The whole life is spent in poverty.

Child labour is the most considerable stigma on our society and our country, even though the people of India are educated. Still, when they see a child working as a labourer, they do not help them; so far, they help the police or other government institutions. We do not even give information.

Working in childhood is a frightening situation for any child because sometimes some such acts happen to the children who ruin their whole life.

As the country’s population is increasing, so too are the child laborers growing. If it is not stopped soon, it will be the biggest epidemic for our country.

Our Indian government has enacted many laws to abolish child labour, but due to their lack of cradle, children are still doing child labour in Hotels, hotels, etc., built on the roadside, but no one pays attention to them.

We should carry out the duty of being a true citizen of India. Whenever you see a child doing child labour, then immediately complain to the nearest police station until we know ourselves that the government’s laws are such Ignorance will continue.

Article on Child Labour

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Child labour is an essential subject for our country and society, and today it is time that we have to understand our moral responsibilities and talk on this subject.

The overthrow of child labour has become a challenge for our country today because only the parents of children have started getting children to work in childhood. Today it has become common in our country to see a child doing complex tasks.

We see children working at every intersection every day but ignore them, due to which child labour gets a boost. It is a great irony that children are being played since childhood for only a few rupees.

If this is not stopped soon, the country’s future will be drowned along with the future of children.

Due to child labour –

  • The biggest reason for child labour is poverty in our country, people of low-income families are unable to live their livelihood, so they send their children for child labour.
  • Due to lack of education, parents understand that the sooner the child learns to earn, the sooner it will be good for them.
  • An essential reason for child labour is that some parents are greedy and do not want to work on their own and send their children to work hard for a few rupees.
  • Child labour is also being encouraged because children are given less money as a byproduct of work, due to which people prefer to hire children more.
  • Another reason for increasing child labour is because millions of children are orphans in our country, then some mafia people send them to begging and labeling them by intimidating them.
  • Child labour is getting more significant because the law made on child labour is not followed.

Child labour solutions-

  • To uproot child labour, stringent laws will have to be enacted and strict enforcement of them.
  • If child labour is to be abolished, then we will have to educate people, and at the same time, we will have to arrange free education for children’s education.
  • We all have to be aware because as long as we keep ignoring child labour, this work of child labour will continue to flourish like this.
  • All of us have to change the thinking of people together because most people think only about money, they have no meaning in children’s childhood and the country’s development.
  • We have to complain against those who have done child labour. Only then can we tighten the screws on the mafias who do child labour.
  • Children also have to disclose their rights because reading and writing are their birthrights.
  • We have to remove poverty from our country because poverty is the primary root of child labour.


Child labour is a severe problem for our country, and if soon no cognizance is taken on it, it will make the whole country hollow like a termite. Children are the future of our country. If their childhood is spent in darkness and child labour, how can we imagine a strong India?

If we have to build a new India, then child labour will have to be uprooted, and this is possible only with the support of us and the government.

Long Article on Child Labour

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Child labour is the most dreadful day of the childhood of a child. The misfortune of our country is that even today, like a spider web, child labour is holding small children in its net, and we are all sitting hand in hand.

Child labour is a poison in a day that is sold for a few rupees; this poison gradually destroys the child’s childhood, along with it the end of the nation’s newly created future.

In our India, children are considered gods, but their childhood is taken away, and family responsibilities are handed over to them. All the children have the mind to play with toys and get an education in childhood, but what to do, sir, greed, and family responsibilities come to the fore.

What is child labour?

According to the 24th Article of the Constitution of India, children below 14 years of age as laborers, factories, hotels, domestic servants, etc., are covered under child labour. If a person is found doing so, there is a provision for appropriate punishment.

But coming out of the book world, we get to see children doing child labour at every turn. The reality is that people do not even care about the law; that is why child labour is increasing day by day.

According to the latest report of 2017, more than 35 million children in India do child labour; the highest is child labour in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan.

Due to child labour-

  • Lack of education – The main reason for child labour is lack of education. Until people are not educated, they will continue to believe that nothing is more than money, so those people from their childhood put themselves into wage work.
  • Poverty – Poverty is a massive problem for our country, due to which many issues arise. Child labour is also a problem caused by poverty because low-income families do not maintain their families properly. This is why they force their children into wage work.
  • Orphans – In our country, even today, many people either leave their children or their parents die due to which they also become orphans, and they come in contact with people who are By luring them with food, they get them working in factories, hotels throughout the day and keep their earnings as well.
  • Greedy people – Today, in 21st century India, some parents, and guardians are so cheap for money that they even put their children in the work of wages for cash.
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  • Family Compulsions – Sometimes children have family compulsions too because some accidents happen. There is no one to earn a living in their family, so they were forced to take care of hotels, tea shops, and factories tomorrow. I have to go to work.
  • Population growth – The population growth rate in India is increasing very fast. The value of essential commodities is increasing day by day. Poor people are unable to maintain their families so that they can keep all their families. Let the members do wages in which the children are also involved, so the children have to work hard even if they do not want to.
  • Corruption – One of the reasons for child labour is corruption. Their owners at big hotels and factories put the children on wages without fear, and they know that we will get bribed if caught. That is why corruption plays an essential role in child labour.
  • Unemployment – Unemployment is a big problem in India. Many poor people are unable to meet the living necessities of their families even if they are forced to put their children in wage work. They think that if a little too much If the money comes into the house, he will be able to eat time.
  • Lack of proper rules law – The government of India has enacted laws to stop child labour, but there are many flaws in those laws; people take advantage of this and do child labour and sometimes even follow the law rules. Is not done.
  • Childhood is ruined – The best moment of life is childhood, when we are children, I am not worried about anything, we play with toys, and everybody loves us and can read whatever we want. Huh

But the children who are put into child labour work never play and cannot do the job they want. Due to which his entire childhood is spent working in Mussoorie.

  • Malnutrition – Children of child labour often become malnourished because their owners make them work more but do not give them anything to eat, due to which their body lacks energy even more slowly. Slowly they become victims of malnutrition.
  • Physical abuse – Many children and girls are also physically abused while doing child labour which is a double hit. According to a report, about 40% of child labourers are physically used. It is a serious matter, but it is never taken care of; some children also die during physical abuse.
  • Mental harassment – While doing labour, children often make mistakes. Even if they make mistakes, it is easy for the children to stop them, so their bosses who work for them give them mental torture.

They are called by using various types of abusive language, which affects the brain of a small child. They become huge, and when they grow up, they indulge in wrong deeds.

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  • Increasing poverty – Children’s parents hire their children for a few rupees in their childhood, but they do not know that if they read and write, they will not get a job and they will live their whole life. You will have to pay wages, due to which your real life will be spent in poverty, that is why in India it is increasing day by day.
  • Lack of economic development of the country – Most of the children of low-income families cannot read and write; that is why they cannot do a good job and cannot support the country’s development. Hence the country’s economic growth also slows down.
  • Reduction in social development – Where the children are made to work, people use abusive language, and their living is not good, due to which the children also live with them due to their language. They’re the same. As they start living, their mental condition also becomes weak, due to which a good society cannot develop.

Child labour prevention measures –

  • Awareness – If child labour is to be stopped, then we have to make people aware because until this awareness comes in, people, children, should not get wages and whatever children are doing wages. People should complain against their owners; people do not know that they are lovingly calling the little Motu.

He is a victim of child labour. Therefore, until people are not aware, such children will continue to work as labourers.

  • Proper education system – The education system of our country is still not improving due to which children of rural areas and separated areas are still unable to read and write, due to which they fall victim to child labour in their childhood. Education should be made available at all places, and free education will have to be arranged for young children.
  • Moral law and order – Due to our country’s poor law and order situation, people take advantage of it and carry out acts like child labor. We have to strengthen our law and order, and only then will we deal with terrible problems like child labour.
  • Prevention of Corruption – Due to corruption, the criminals who do child labour are quickly released, or they are not arrested, due to which young children have to pay wages, so we should curb corruption.
  • Need for good and generous people – There are many good people in our society. Still, we need more good people who can afford the education of at least one poor child because unless we are the responsibility of our community Until then, nothing can happen because the government alone cannot do everything, so we should go ahead and help in writing the education of poor children.

The government does work to stop child labour.

  • The Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986: Child Labor Act was enacted in 1986 by our government to eliminate child labour from the root. Working with a child below 14 years of age will be considered a punishable offense.
  • Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) of Children Act of 2000: Under this law, if a person provides wages to children or compels them to do so, there will be no penalty for action.
  • The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009: This law was enacted in 2009, under which free education will be provided to children between the age of 6 to 14 years and poor and disabled children in private schools. 25% of seats will be reserved.


Child labour has become a curse for our India and our society, and if it is not abolished soon, it will impede the progress of our country and children who should be able to play and study as children in childhood. I will meet while working hard, which will spoil the future of our country.

Therefore, we should raise our voice against child labor today, and wherever we find a child doing child labour, we should complain about it at the nearest police station.


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