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Essay on Digital India in English or Digital India Essay in English

400 words Digital India Essay in English

The Digital India Project was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1 July 2015. This is an effective plan for a transformed India for better development and growth of the people of the country. Digital India Week (1 July to 7 July) was launched by the PM on Wednesday in the presence of senior ministerial colleagues and CEOs of major companies.

Digital India’s goal is to give India a digital expansion for good governance and more jobs. In order to bridge the gap between the distance between government service and the people, the Prime Minister of India did his best efforts towards the digitization campaign. There was a great need for digitization in India for more growth and a better future than any other country.

Benefits of Digital India Campaign

Following benefits of Digital India campaign:

  • This will make it possible to implement the digital locker system, resulting in enabling e-sharing through registered collections as well as reducing paperwork by reducing physical documents.
  • Digital India is an effective online platform that can involve people in the governance system through various approaches such as “discussion, action, and distribution”.
  • This will ensure the achievement of various online targets by the government.
  • Submitting your documents and certificates online from anywhere will make it possible for people to reduce physical work.
English Speech for Republic Day or 26 January
  • A citizen can get their documents signed online through e-signature structure.
  • Through e-hospital, important health care services can be made easy such as online registration, taking time to see a doctor, depositing fees, online symptomatic examination, blood tests etc.
  • It provides these benefits to the beneficiary through the National Scholarship Portal through submission of applications, certification process, approval and acceptance of disbursement.
  • It is a large platform that makes it easy for its citizens to effectively deliver government and private services across the country.
  • Bharat Net Program (High-Speed Digital Highway) will connect about 250,000 Gram-panchayats in the country.
Long Speech for Republic Day in English for Students or 26 Jan Speech
  • The External Sources Policy is also a scheme to support the Digital India initiative. For better management of online services on mobile such as voice, data, multimedia etc., the next-generation network of BSNL will replace the 30-year-old telephone exchange.
  • The National Center for Flexible Electronic will help promote Flexible Electronic.
  • BSNL has plans to spread Wi-Fi hotspots on a large scale across the country.
  • There is a broadband highway to handle all the related issues related to connectivity.
  • Broadband highway open access in all cities, towns and villages will make the availability of world-class service possible at the click of the mouse.


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