Essay on Global Warming ! Short and Long Essays for Class 1 to 12

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5 lines on Global Warming in English

Short Paragraph on Global Warming in 100 words

  1. Global warming means the increasing temperature in the environment.
  2. The Earth is constantly heating up due to the heat of the sun and the main reason is the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment.
  3. The main reason for this carbon dioxide level rise is the number of trees on the earth that purify the air.
  4. Due to rising temperatures, extreme changes in weather on the earth, floods, and storms, loss of food items due to damage to crops and many diseases are increasing.
  5. To deal with all this we need to keep our environment clean.

10 lines on Global Warming in English

Short Paragraph on Global Warming in 230 words

  1. Due to global warming, the temperature of the earth is increasing.
  2. Our environment is constantly under the grip of pollution, this is destroying the greenery of our earth.
  3. Due to the increasing population, humans need a place to live, for this, they are clearing the forests. Trees are the only plants which help in keeping the environment clean and they are being pruned.
  4. The smoke emanating from vehicles and factories is increasing global warming.
  5. There are many bad effects due to global warmings such as lack of timely rains, excess cold in cold weather and excess heat in summer.
  6. The spread of greenhouse gases and harmful gases into the environment is called global warming.
  7. Harmful gases, smoke, carbon dioxide, etc. are increasing harmful gases in the environment.
  8. The biggest reason for increasing global warming is humans themselves, they have warmed the earth to fulfill some of their pleasures.
  9. Due to the increase of global warming, the glacier ice is constantly melting, due to which the level of water in the sea is rising, it poses the risk of flooding.
  10. There is a need to make many efforts at the international and national levels to stop global warming such as by making a small change in our lifestyle, to stop the growing population, to stop pollution-causing factories, to stop the felling of trees and more and more. Planting of trees.10 lines on Global Warming

Essay on Global Warming in English

Short Paragraph on Global Warming in 200 words

The problem of global warming remains the main topic of discussion all over the world because of this there is a fear of decreasing the chances of life on earth due to the ever-increasing temperature of the earth. If steps are not taken soon to solve this, life on earth will become a fantasy.

Due to this rising temperature on the earth, the level of seawater is increasing, due to lack of abundant rainfall, there is a drought in many countries, which is directly affecting crops and shortage of food grains. New diseases are occurring due to harmful gases dissolved in the environment. The direct effect of all this is seen as a lack of possibilities of life in the future.

No particular class or country alone is responsible for this. The result of the negligence of all of us is that we are facing this form of nature. Therefore, all of us together must save our Earth from further damage from global warming. Awareness has to be spread at every level. The children will have to show their path by making them aware of its ill effects so that they can cooperate in fighting this problem.

Essay on Global Warming in English

Short Essay on Global Warming in 300 words


Global warming is the rise of constant temperature on the surface of the Earth due to the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. Global warming is a major problem for all the countries of the world, which should be resolved with a positive start. The rising temperature of the Earth gives rise to various apprehensions (dangers), as well as a crisis for the existence of life on this planet. It produces gradual and permanent changes in the Earth’s climate and this affects the balance of nature.

The harmful effect of carbon dioxide(CO2) on the atmosphere

Increased CO 2 on Earth, continuous heat waves rise, hot waves, sudden storm surge, unexpected and unwanted cyclones, damage to the ozone layer, floods, heavy rain, drought, food shortage, disease, and death, etc. Are influencing life to a great extent.

The exploitation of fossil fuels, the use of fertilizers, cutting of forests, excessive consumption of electricity, gas used in fridges, etc. are leading to excessive emission of CO 2 in the atmosphere. According to the data, if the continuously increasing CO 2 emissions are not controlled, it is expected that by 2020 there will be a big jump in global warming which could have a bad effect on the environment.

The increase in CO 2 levels is a factor in the “greenhouse gas effect”, which absorbs all greenhouse gases (water vapor, CO 2, methane, ozone) thermal distortion, and radiates in all directions and back to the Earth’s surface. And thus leading to global warming by increasing the surface temperature.


Life-threatening effects from global warming are increasing. We should always renounce bad habits because it is increasing the level of CO 2 and the temperature of the earth is increasing due to the effect of greenhouse gas. We should stop blind felling of trees, reduce electricity usage, stop burning wood, etc.

Essay on Global Warming in English

Essay on Global Warming in 400 words


In today’s time, global warming is a major environmental problem that we are all facing, and it has become necessary to solve it permanently. In fact, the temperature rise on the surface of the Earth continuously and permanently is a global warming process. The subject should be widely discussed globally by all countries. It has been affecting the balance of nature, biodiversity and climatic conditions for decades.

Major factors of Global Warming

Greenhouse gases such as CO 2, methane, are the main factors increasing global warming on Earth. Its direct impact is on sea-level rise, melting ice rock, glacier, unpredictable climate change, it represents the crisis of rising dead on life. According to the data, it is estimated that due to the increasing demand for human life, the temperature has increased significantly since the middle of the twentieth century, due to which the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations has increased globally.

1983, 1987, 1988, 1989, and 1991 have been the hottest six years of the last century, it has been measured. This greatly increased global warming, resulting in unforeseen outbreaks of natural disasters such as floods, cyclones, tsunamis, droughts, landslides, food shortages, melting snow, pandemic diseases, deaths, etc. This would have caused an imbalance in the phenomena cycle of nature. Which is a sign of the end of the existence of life on this planet?

Due to the increase in global warming, there is more water evaporation from the Earth into the atmosphere causing the formation of greenhouse gas in the cloud which again causes global warming. Burning of fossil fuels, the use of fertilizers, increase in other gases such as CFCs, tropospheric ozone, and nitrous oxide are also factors of global warming. Technological modernization, pollution explosion, increasing demand for industrial expansion, blindfolding of forests and urbanization are major contributors to global warming growth.

We are disturbing the natural processes using forest cutting and modern technology. Such as the global carbon cycle, the formation of pores in the ozone layer and the arrival of UV waves on Earth, leading to an increase in global warming.


The tree is a major source of removal of carbon dioxide from the air. And to maintain the environmental balance, we should stop deforestation and tree planting should be done by more and more people, this can lead to an extreme reduction in the level of global warming. Control of population growth and reduced use of destructive technologies is also a good initiative for global warming control.

Essay on Global Warming in English

Essay on Global Warming in 500 words


There are various factors of global warming, some of which are natural and some are man-made factors, one of the most prominent factors in increasing global warming is the greenhouse gas which is generated by certain natural processes and human actions.

In the twentieth century, greenhouse gas levels have increased due to population growth, excessive use of energy. The increasing demand for industrialization in the modern world to meet almost every need, leading to the release of various types of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The amount of carbon dioxide CO 2 and sulfur dioxide SO 2 has increased tenfold in recent years. Various natural, industrial activities, including photosynthesis and oxidation, all increase the amount of carbon dioxide.

Other greenhouse gases are the anaerobic decomposition of organic materials such as methane, nitrogen oxides (nitrous oxide), halocarbons, chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs), chlorine and bromine compounds. Some greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and disturb the equilibrium of the atmosphere. They have the ability to absorb hot radiation and therefore increase the temperature on the Earth’s surface.

Effects of Global Warming

The effects of global warming can be clearly seen by increasing the sources of global warming. According to the US Geological Survey, there were 150 glaciers on Montana Glacier National Park, but due to global warming, there are currently only 25 glaciers left.

At high levels, storms become more dangerous, powerful, and stronger, with climate change and energy from temperature (colder on the upper surface of the atmosphere and warming of the tropical ocean). 2012 is the warmest year since 1885 and 2003 is seen as the hottest year with 2013.

As a result of global warming in the climate, rising summer season, decreasing cold weather, melting of ice rocks, temperature rise, changes in air circulation patterns, rain without rain, the ozone layer, heavy storms There are many effects of the event, cyclone, drought, flood and so on.

The Solution of Global Warming

Many programs are being run and implemented by government agencies, business heads, private sector, NGOs, etc. to reduce the global warming. Some of the damage caused by global warming is some damage (melting of ice rocks) that cannot be recaptured through any solution.

Whatever it is, we should not stop and everyone should try better to reduce the effects of global warming. We should reduce greenhouse gas emissions and try to adopt some of the climate changes that have been happening in the atmosphere for years.


Measures to reduce global warming, we should use electricity produced by clean energy such as solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy in place of electricity. Coal, oil-burning levels should be reduced, transportation and the use of electric equipment should be reduced, this would reduce the level of global warming to a great extent.

Essay on Global Warming in English

Long Essay on Global Warming in 1000 words

What is global warming?

If we understand global warming in easy language, then it means that the change in the weather due to the increase in temperature and an increase in temperature is called global warming global warming. The temperature of our Earth’s atmosphere is constantly increasing.

The main reason for this is natural and dangerous mangrove extracted by humans. Such as – carbon dioxide(CO2), methane, nitrogen oxide and many more. These gases are also called greenhouse gases. These gases are mainly helpful in increasing the temperature of the Earth.

We all know that the temperature will remain balanced when the amount of oxygen on the earth is high, but today in this modern era, increasing pollution, such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxides are increasing. As a result of which the temperature of the earth is increasing, the ice of Antarctica is melting, due to which the level of water is gradually increasing, the area of the desert area is increasing, the problems like the greenhouse effect are coming.

Causes of Global Warming

There are many reasons for global warming, of which pollution is the main reason. Due to the increase in pollution, gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide start increasing in our atmosphere. As the amount of carbon dioxide increases, carbon dioxide gas collects in the upper layer of the atmosphere

Due to which the heat coming from the sun comes in but cannot get out from the surface of the earth. Due to which the temperature of the earth starts increasing slowly. Well, there are many reasons for global warming. Some are the following:

Natural Causes of Global Warming

Nature also has some hand in increasing global warming. The main reason is the presence of house gases in our atmosphere. Of this, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is the main gas.

Which absorbs the heat coming from the Sun and helps in increasing the temperature of the Earth. Some scientists believe that the temperature of the Earth may increase by 3 to 6 degrees in the coming time, which can prove to be very fatal for us. Due to this, many countries in the world may drown in the future because the temperature increases as the ice start melting.

Human Causes of Global Warming

Humans are the most responsible for global warming. Because we are getting away from nature due to pollution due to human development, modernization, industrial development, and huge problems like global warming are coming in front of us.

We stop the streams of rivers for our happiness and our development, which destroys trees and the entire forest. Earth’s temperature is rising abnormally due to gases emitted from the vehicles used by us due to industrial policy.

There are some other causes of global warming as well – the use of chemical fertilizers, urbanization, industrialization, deforestation, etc.

Effects of Global Warming

We must have seen many natural disasters, causing innocent people to suffer external damage. Similarly, global warming is also one such type of disaster. The effect of which is seen very slowly, but this very fatal disaster, which will not be easy to compensate. Global warming will have an impact on us as well as plants and animals.

Effects of Global Warming on Plants

Due to global warming, the temperature of the earth will increase randomly, due to which extreme temperature and decrease in water availability and changes in soil conditions will stop the growth of plants and there will come a time that the plant will be on the verge of extinction. Overall, climate change due to global warming is expected to impede plant growth.

Effects of Global Warming on Animals

Some species of fauna may be threatened by global warmings such as caribou (reindeer), arctic fox, toad, polar bear, penguin, gray wolf, and many other species that may also become extinct due to global warming. is.

Effects of Global Warming on Humans

The effect of global warming will be seen in humans as well. Due to its effect, many types of diseases will be possible in humans. There will be a lack of pure oxygen in the atmosphere, due to which people may also die due to a lack of pure oxygen.

There are many other effects of global warming such as – this will increase the temperature and which will cause severe heat and ease of growing desert. Due to this effect, the ice of the North and East Pole will melt, which can overwhelm many countries. It will also have an impact on our crops.

The solution of Global Warming

There are many ways to stop global warming so that we can easily stop global warming.

  • To prevent global warming, we must first stop the felling of trees. And should go along with it and like plantations. Because when there is a lot of trees, the amount of carbon dioxide will be less.
  • We should use sources that are not very harmful to us.
  • We need to reduce the means of transportation. If the means are to be used, then we should use the means while taking full care of the environment.
  • We should use solar energy to reduce pollution. There are many such devices that run on solar energy. We should use them.
  • To prevent global warming, our main component of this would be to stop the emission of greenhouse gases. So that climate change can be prevented.
  • We people should know about the losses from global warming so that they realize their responsibility and they can make changes in their daily lives and solve big problems like global warming.


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