Essay on my Brother with Importance in English

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My Lovely Brother Essay for Kids

(80 Words essay for my Brother)

My Brother’s name is Abhik. He is 2 years old. He is a cute boy. We do small fights but love each other so much. We share our toys. He loves books. Sometimes I teach him. He wants to brush his teeth always because he likes to eat paste. We both are best friends. I want to be a sweet sister for him always but I get angry with him when he throws my baby dolls. He is my darling brother.

essay for my Brother 80 words

An essay on my Brother in English for kids

(100 Words essay on my Brother)

I have a brother. His name is Rajeev Kumar. He is fifteen. My brother reads in Sainik School, Gopalganj. He is tall and smart. My brother is fair to look at. He reads on the 10th. My brother comes home twice a year. He takes part in games and sports, too. My brother is very intelligent. He works hard to get good marks in the examination. My brother always loves and helps me. He asks me to study hard. My brother loves my father and mother. They also love him. Rajeev is a very good boy. He is my loving brother.

Some Lines on Elder Brother

(150 Words essay on my Brother)

I have an elder brother. His name is Jason. Jason is 10 years old and he reads in 5 grade. He is a very caring and loving brother. My brother is very specific to his books. He does not allow me to touch his belongings. Sometimes(कभी कभी) he gives me his toys to play. He shares chocolates and chips with me too. My brother is very sincere and intelligent. He always passes with flying colors in his exams. My brother is famous in his school.

He has many friends(दोस्त) who come to our house to play. His friends are also playing with me. He takes care of me when my parents(माता-पिता) go out. My elder brother plays carom and snacks and ladders with me in his free time. He helps me with my homework also. We are very close and share our feelings with each other. All of us watch television together. We enjoy our favorite program Tom and Jerry and laugh a lot. I love my brother very much.

An essay on my Brother in English for kids

Essay for Kids on My brother

(230 words on My Younger Brother Essay)

My brother is a little boy. He is younger than me. He is only five years. He is very naughty. His name is raja most of the time he is busy playing with his toys(खिलौने). When he is angry, he makes a lot of noise. Sometimes he also breaks many things. My mother never beats him. This year he has been admitted to a school. He goes to school in uniform on a school bus. He is in KG.

Raja is the darling of all of us. My father loves him deeply. He buys costly toys and gifts for him. He is very fond of sweets, toffees, and chocolates. His birthday party is an event for our family. Many of our relations and friends are invited on that day. I like and love him so deeply(गहरा) to see him always happy and smiling at any cost.

In the evening I join to play with him and I also tell him short stories(कहानियों). He likes the stories(कहानियों) of fairies, birds, and animals, etc. Raja likes the stories of kings and princes the most. He has a very sharp memory and he never forgets a story that he likes.

Sometimes he asks simple innocent(मासूम) questions which for us are difficult to answer. We hope he turns out to be a brilliant student. We always pray for his health and happiness.

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My Brother Essay For Class 4

(250 Words My Brother paragraph)

I have a brother. He is very naughty. He cares(देख-भाल) for me and loves me a lot. We play a lot with each other. He always helps me in studies. Sometimes he gets angry at me whenever I touch his belongings without his permission. But after some time he says sorry to me. There is no doubt that he is a very intelligent guy. My brother also shares his kinds of stuff with me. My brother shares his chocolates, sweets, and candies with me.

He is popular in his school for his skills in cricket. My brother also participates in other fields like dance, music, and art. Also, he scores good grades in exams. In other words, he is an all-rounder. He can easily interact with anyone and for this reason, he has a lot of friends. They come to our house and play with both of us. He plays video games, carom, snakes and ladders, and many more games in his free time with me. My brother also teaches me several tricks to win any game. He takes care of me whenever our parents are out of the house.

My brother tells me short stories. Sometimes he fights with me on silly things and then we start pillow fighting. He also shouts at me when I don’t give him the television remote. But then he agrees with me and we together watch our favorite television shows and enjoy them. He shares everything with me and I am also very comfortable with sharing my feelings with him. He is not only my brother but also he is my best friend(सबसे अच्छा दोस्त). I love my brother very much.

My Brother Essay in english

My Brother My Inspiration

(300 Words essay on my Brother)

My inspiration is my brother. It comes as a surprise to many…which, in turn, surprises me. I don’t see any reason not to admire my brother for all that he has done and will do.

I see the reasons why some look down on him. He dropped out of college and this seems to be an issue for many people. I see it as college isn’t for everyone and kudos to him for trying to make my parents happy by doing it.

But this isn’t why I am inspired by him (though right now I also feel like being inspired to drop out of college with finals coming up). It’s what happened after dropping out. He kept going and going to make his situation better.

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There was applying to jobs and not getting them, then trying to get certified to some degree and not being able to do this, then getting a job that he despised. My brother, the one I always looked up to, was working a job that he hated and could not seem to get a break with life. His life seemed almost easy for him when he glided through high school as part of the popular crowd, excelling in basketball and lacrosse, and then going to the college of his choice. I never felt more proud of him until all this was taken away and all was left was him alone. This is when he inspired me. He didn’t stop working toward his goal. He never gave up(कभी हार नहीं मानी) even when he wanted to.

Today my brother, the athletic, popular, college dropout, is now serving the country in the U.S. Navy. It took a lot to get him here but it’s the journey that inspires me today.

Paragraph on my younger brother

(380 words My Younger Brother Essay)

I am blessed with my brother who is younger(छोटा) to me. I love him so much. He is 15 years old yet very naughty.

His name is Jude. I still remember(याद है) the day he was born, so small, so sweet, just like a bundle of soft cotton. He used to cry all the time and sometimes I could not even sleep.
After some time(कुछ समय) he started smiling at me and touching me. I liked him doing that. Then, when he became(हो जाना) a little elder, he started playing with me. First I liked playing with him, but then when he started taking away all my toys, I used to get angry. I still remember(याद है) how we used to fight over small toys, pulling each other, hitting and then snatching and running away…

When we grew up a little more, the little fights gradually(धीरे – धीरे) turned to bully each other and pulling each other’s legs. Given a chance, it was fun to pull each other’s legs. Going to school and back was really fun with all the pranks that we used to play around with the people we met and with friends together(साथ में), it was the best of times.
Homework completion and project works were a headache and we used to work together so that it would be easier and a lot more creative. When being caught on some act by our parents, we would join hands together(साथ में) to get out, even though till then we might have been like rivals. Looking back, all those were fun.

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Time has changed; we have been into more responsible(उत्तरदायी) and busy lives. Pulling legs and bullying each other does not happen as frequent(बारंबार) it was. He is held up with his assignments and projects and I, with my work. Yet we find time to catch up once in a while and brush up our old memories(यादें). The time spent together with him is the best part of my life.

No matter what, my brother is certainly a gift sent from God to me and I treasure(खजाना) this gift more than any other valuable gift. He is sweet, cute, naughty, irritating, short-tempered, yet he is my little brother who would stand with me, even when the entire world would be against me. I love you, bro!!!

Importance of a Brother in Life

(700 Words essay on my Brother)

People say that it is always good to have two kids in a family. There are also people who specifically(विशेष रूप से) say that it feels wonderful to have a younger or an elder brother. A brother is someone who supports(सहारा) and helps a sister throughout her life. Apart from parents, a brother is the best person to ensure(सुनिश्चित) the safety of a girl.

Do you have a younger(छोटा) or an elder brother in your family? Do you think it has made any difference(अंतर) in your life? Some people do not recognize the value of having a brother unless someone makes them realize. If you think having a brother has not made any major difference in your life, you should definitely have a look at the points mentioned below. This article will help you to understand the importance of having a brother in life.

Importance of a Brother

  • Playing alone is not so entertaining. Your brother will be the best person with whom you can play all types of games. You can either make him play your favorite games or you can try to learn his action-packed games.
  • Having a brother will make you feel safe. Sisters feel like they have become invincible(अजेय) just because they have a brother. As you grow up, your brother will become more concerned about you and will try to protect you from all the potential threats.
  • Brothers will prevent you from having a bad company. They will help you identify the right and wrong. They will also assist you to find out the real intentions of the people around you.
  • Nobody will have the courage(साहस) to taunt or tease you when you have a brother. Having a brother will be like living with your own bodyguard(अंगरक्षक). People will think twice before embarrassing you publicly.

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  • Sometimes parents who care a lot about their children become very controlling. On the other hand, a brother can protect you without over-controlling(को नियंत्रित करने) you. This is why sometimes you feel to share your happiness and sorrows openly with your brother rather than sharing it first with your parents.
  • You will never have to fight with anyone under any circumstances. This is because your brother will always be ready to do all the fighting. Also, at times brothers take the blame for the mistakes made by their younger siblings(एक माँ की संताने).
  • It is always fun to tease your baby brother and make him realize that all his girlfriends are not good for him. Sometimes you will get the opportunity(अवसर) to pull his leg by letting out his secrets with your family members.
  • Having a baby brother is like having your own baby. You can act as a big brother or sister and give him all the worldly advice.
  • It is always better to have a brother to understand(समझना) the characters and thoughts of other men. A brother will stop you from dating the wrong guy. He will be able to point out clearly all the intentions of the person who is trying to get into your good books.

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  • The best coach who can train you to be a good sportsperson is your brother. He will help you to become strong both mentally and physically.
  • There are people who are very sensitive. If you have a brother, you will be able to overcome such a dilemma. He will teach you how to be emotionally strong. He will also help you to handle difficult situations in a better way.
  • The attitude of your brother towards you and other women will help you to understand how a lady has to be treated. It will help you differentiate between a gentleman and a rogue. On the contrary, you can also teach him how to behave with a lady. You can help him gain a date by giving him tips to impress a lady.
  • In a world where no woman is completely safe, it is always good to have a brother. He will teach you self-defense to protect yourself at times when you are alone.
  • Having a sibling is like having a support system. You will always have someone laugh along with you in your happiness. He will also be a shoulder to cry on. You will never feel alone when you have a brother.

FAQ’s on Brother

What a brother means?

A brother means a person who always protects you, supports you, loves you, etc. The brother is the person who is the protector of a sister and younger brother.

Why is a brother important?

A brother is very important. He is the protector of his sisters and brothers. When we sad he tries to feel good for us. He supports us in many ways like doing the homework, playing a game, etc.

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