Essay on Swami Vivekanand in English

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Essay on Swami Vivekanand in English

Swami Vivekananda has a unique place among the great men who conceived the Renaissance in India. Swamiji was born in 1863 AD. His birth name was Narendranath. Swami Ji had rich intelligence and high thoughts since childhood. He got his initial education through English medium. In 1884, he passed his graduation exam.

His mother wanted to make him a lawyer. But a spiritual hunger had arisen within Swami Vivekananda, to which he used to spend most of the time in the company of saints and sages. But he did not find any spiritual teacher from whom he could receive initiation.

They wandered continuously in search of truth, but they did not find peace. Finally, he came in contact with Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. He put his doubts in front of Swamiji. He had a strong desire to know the existence and mystery of God. Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s simplicity, simplicity, and strong confidence, elemental knowledge, and the amazing power of power in a speech made Vivekananda the ultimate devotee of Paramahamsa. He received the knowledge of spirituality and Vedanta from Swamiji.

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Swami Vivekananda had a unique personality. He had a unique aura on his face. Swami Vivekananda was a great scholar of many languages. He had good knowledge of Indian religion and philosophy. Swami Vivekananda did harsh penance in the Himalayan region for many years.

There he faced odd circumstances. Many times he encountered those Asuras and at times had to remain bare body in the fierce cold. But Swami Vivekananda’s loyalty and spiritual power did not let him get distracted. They remained in contact with their Mahatmas for years. After this, he toured the country and his fame started increasing by the day.

In 1893, he reached Chicago to attend the World Religion Conference in America. Due to lack of funds, he had to suffer many problems there. Swami Ji’s full vigorous and current flow speech enchanted the public there. The magic of Vivekananda’s wisdom rose above the heads of western people.

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He received invitations from many universities, many priests and big religious leaders called and gave speeches in the church. People used to reach a fixed site for hours before listening to his speech. I stayed in America for almost three years, preaching Vedanta. After that, he went to England. Swi Ji’s coin had already been seated. Now the number of his followers started increasing day by day.

He became a disciple of many businessmen, professors, attorneys, and political leaders. He lived in England for about a year. Swami left for Swadesh on 16 September 1886 after almost four years. On reaching India, he received a grand welcome from place to place. He toured almost the whole of India. He preached in Lahore, Rajputana, Sialpur at all places. Meanwhile, he replaced two monasteries.

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Swamiji considered only human service to God. He lit a light for the freedom of the countrymen. In 1857, a terrible plague caused an epidemic. Swamiji formed many congregations of many saints and saints to serve the poor and the afflicted. Sewa ashrams were opened in many places like Murshidabad, Dhaka, Calcutta, Madras, etc. He gave the message of confidence, patriotism, brotherhood, human service, and untouchability among the people through his discourses.

Swamiji’s health fell drastically due to extremely hard work. He started being ill. But even then he did not stop to set up a tomb. Swamiji died on 4 July 1902. Although today Swamiji is not among us, his life is like a light pillar and is guiding us even today. Several branches of the Ramakrishnan Mission institution established by him are still promoting Vedanta and are engaged in human service.

FAQ’s on Swami Vivekanand

Who is Swami Vivekananda?

The Swami Vivekananda was a spiritual leader and the great Hindu Munk. Vivekananda was living a simple life with high thinking.

What was the childhood name of Swami Vivekananda?

Narendranath is the childhood name of Swami Vivekananda. He was born in 1863 AD.

Who was the guru of Swami Vivekananda?

Swami Vivekananda’s Guru was Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.


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