Essay on Water Conservation in English for Class 1 to 12 Students

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10 Lines on Water Conservation in English

150 words on Water Conservation in English

  1. One should always use a small glass for drinking water. It is seen that water is left in the glass while drinking water. The small glass will save water.
  2. If there is water left in the glass, it should be put in pots instead of throwing it.
  3. Similarly, water left after washing vegetables should also be put in pots etc.
  4. The basket should not always be completely opened, opening the whole basket leads to more water waste.
  5. The bucket should be used to wash any other means of going to the car.
  6. Bathing should be done with the bucket instead of using the shower.
  7. If there is leakage of the basket, it should be repaired immediately.
  8. If possible in the trees, water should be poured in the day and night, because by pouring water during the day, the water evaporates and flies away at night.
  9. In the washing machine, clothes should be washed only after a small amount of washing is collected.
  10. Water should be protected from contamination.10 Lines on Water Conservation

170 words Short Essay on Water Conservation for kids

Water Conservation Short Essay In English for Class 1

Water is an invaluable gift given by God and is our basic need. We need it for various activities, but humans are using it indiscriminately, due to which the water is constantly getting reduced. Water conservation is the only way to use water properly. Although two-thirds of our earth is water, only 1 per-cent water is available, and if we continue to wastewater in this way, then there will be no water in the coming time, due to which life on earth will end.

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Water conservation has become the biggest need in today’s time which we all should take care of and we should use water in a planned way. We can also conserve rainwater and use it for washing clothes etc. We should not leave the tubes open. Water will also have to be prevented from becoming contaminated. Factories should be removed from rivers. We all have to adopt water conservation so that we can get water even in the coming times and the vegetation and all the creatures on earth can live well.

250 words Short Essay on Water Conservation for kids

Essay on Water Conservation for Class 2

Water is an invaluable gift of nature for us, without water we cannot even imagine life without water, this is also the saying of water soon. In today’s era, the decreasing potable water has become a concern, every citizen will have to think to get out of this problem. If we continue to wastewater in this way, then the day is not far when we will not have potable clean water.

Not only humans, the life of trees, plants and animals are also completely dependent on water. Water will become so expensive in the coming times that a big crisis can arise in the lives of the poor. No matter how many technical tools we make in the name of scientific progress, the alternative of water can never be discovered.

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Therefore, we should wake up in time, and instead of indiscriminately exploiting the resources of nature, we have to take steps towards its limited use, only then our future generations will be able to have clean water and air. In the greed for money, man has become so blind that he forgot the importance of water like nectar and polluted the water source for his progress.

Samples of water wastage will be seen everywhere in India and around the world. Yesterday thousands of litres of water are wasted in factories. The water is removed from the ground and it is drained into the river drains along with the wastes. In many places, the filth water of factories is dumped in fields tomorrow, which of course causes major damage to crops and land. Water pumps installed in homes are also to some extent responsible for its exploitation.

300 Words Essay on Water Conservation in English

Essay on Water Conservation for Class 3 and 4

Conservation and protection of water are very important to maintain the existence of life on earth because life without water is not possible. Water helps to continue the life cycle on earth as an exception throughout the universe because the earth is the only planet where water and life exist.

Water is needed throughout our life, so only we are responsible for saving it. According to the UN operation, it has been found that girls in Rajasthan do not go to school because they have to travel long distances to fetch water which spoils their whole day so they do not get time for any other work. is.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau survey, it is recorded that about 16,632 farmers (2,369 women) have ended their lives by suicide, however, 14.4% of the cases have occurred due to drought. That is why we can say that lack of water is also the cause of illiteracy, suicide, fighting, and other social issues in India and other developing countries. In such areas of water scarcity, the children of future generations do not get the right to their basic education and the right to live happily.

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As responsible citizens of India, we should keep ourselves aware of all the problems of water scarcity so that we all take the pledge and come together for water conservation. It has been rightly said that the small efforts of all people can give a big result such that a pond, river, and ocean can be formed by drop.

We do not need to make any extra effort to conserve water, we only need to make some positive changes in our daily activities such as closing the taps properly after every use, instead of fountains or pipes, for washing or bathing bucket And use the mug. A small effort of millions of people can give a big positive result towards the water conservation campaign.

350 Words Essay on Water Conservation in English

Water Conservation Essay for Class 5

The 2018 Water Development Report by the United Nations states that there is half of the global population of 3.6 billion people in the world who yearn for water for at least one month. This report has been presented before World Water Day on 22 March.

The report warns that the number of people facing water shortage may reach 5.7 billion by 2050. Presenting the report in Brasilia, UNESCO Director-General Adre Azolle said that if we did nothing, by 2050, more than five billion people would be living in such an area, the supply of water here would be very bad.

According to the report, the consumption of water has increased six times in the last century, while the use of water increases by 1% every year. Obviously, population growth, economic growth, and change in consumption pattern will increase the need. This demand will be higher in countries with a growing and emerging economy.

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The US city of New York is focusing on water conservation, forest protection and environment-friendly farming to tackle the water problem. At the same time, China is promoting the Sponge City Project, which seeks to divert more rainwater into the ground so that the groundwater level can rise. If the world learns from this and promotes green policy water, agricultural production will also increase by 20%.

In addition to washing cars in the cities, water is wasted due to washing and leaving broken open. If we cannot stop the waste of water, then we will be ruined ourselves. Water is life, it is our good to save this water.

That is why, where we have to increase the area of forests, trees will also have to be planted in cities. Every single drop of water is valuable to us. It should be well utilized. Considering both the government and the society as their responsibility, there is a dire need to work to save the wells and the ponds and send the rainy water underground.

If the sources of water become dry, then the greenery of the land will also dry up, if you want to survive, then water has to be saved.

400 Words Essay on Water Conservation in English

Water Conservation Essay In English for Class 6, 7 and 8

What is water conservation?

To balance life here, water conservation is to save water through various mediums on earth.

By estimating a very low percentage of safe and drinking water on the earth, water conservation or save water campaign has become very important for all of us. Industrial waste is polluting large sources of water daily. In order to bring more efficiency in saving water, the proper water management systems should be promoted by builders in all industrial buildings, apartments, schools, hospitals, etc.

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Awareness programs should be conducted to know the common people about the possible problems caused by the lack of drinking water or simple water. There is an urgent need to eradicate the behaviour of people regarding waste of water.

At the village level, people should start collecting rainwater. Rainy water can be saved by constructing small or large ponds with proper maintenance. Young students need more awareness as well as focus on the problem and solution to this issue.

Water insecurity and scarcity are affecting people living in many countries in the developing world. 40% of the global population lives in demand-driven areas. And this situation may become worse in the coming decades as everything will increase like population, agriculture, industry, etc.

How to save water?

There are many methods to save water. Here, we have presented some points to you for how you can save water daily:

  • People should provide water in their gardens or gardens only when they need it.
  • Instead of delivering water from the pipe, it would be better to give it by sprinkler which will save many gallons of water per yours.
  • Planting a drought-resistant plant is a good way to save water.
  • Pipelines and taps should be connected properly to save water leakage, which saves about 20 gallons of water per day.
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  • Use bucket and mug instead of pipe to wash the car which can save 150 gallons of water each.
  • Apply a barrier to the strong flow of the shower, which will save your water.
  • Use a fully loaded washing machine and dishwasher that can save about 300 to 800 gallons of water per month.
  • To save more water per day, use less water during defecation.
  • We should wash fruits and vegetables in a pot of water instead of an open tap.
  • Accumulating rainwater is a good solution for defecation, watering gardens, etc., so that clean water can be saved for drinking and cooking purposes.5 lines on Water Conservation

700 Words Essay on Water Conservation in English

Water Conservation Essay In English for Class 9 and 10


Earth is the only planet in the entire universe where water and life exist to date. Therefore, we should not ignore the importance of water in our lives and should try our best to save water using all possible means. The Earth is surrounded by about 71% water, however, there is very little water to drink.

The natural cycle of balancing water goes on automatically, such as rain and evaporation. However, the problem on earth is the protection of water and making it drinkable, which is available in very small quantities. Water conservation is possible due to the good habits of the people.

Why should we save water?

There are many reasons to prevent water. Below, we have given some facts which will tell you how valuable clean water has become for us today:

  • There are more than 4 million people who are dying due to waterborne diseases.
  • Most developing countries are suffering from diseases caused by a lack of clean water and dirty water.
  • About 300 liters of water is spent in preparing one-day newspapers, so the distribution of other media of news should be encouraged.
  • One child dies every 15 seconds due to waterborne diseases.
  • People all over the world have started using water bottles, which cost $ 60 to $ 80 billion per year.
  • All the people in rural areas of India, Africa, and Asia have to travel long distances (about 4 km to 5 km) for clean water.
  • People are suffering more due to waterborne disease in India, due to which the economy of India is affected on a large scale.

Methods of Water Conservation

We shared with you some of the best ways to save water without any change in lifestyle. A household member spends about 240 liters of water daily for household tasks. A small basic family of four members spends an average of 960 liters per day and 350400 liters per year. Only 3% of the entire consumption of water is used daily for drinking and cooking, the rest is used for other tasks like watering plants, bathing, washing clothes, etc.

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Here are some common water rescue tips that you should follow:

  • Everyone should understand their own responsibility and avoid excessive use of water besides cooking water and food.
  • If gradually all of us will start saving water by giving water to the garden, putting water in the toilet, cleanliness, etc., saving more water will be possible.
  • We should save rainwater for the purpose of defecation, laundry, watering of plants, etc.
  • All of us should collect rainwater for drinking and cooking.
  • We should only wash our clothes in the washing machine when it has clothes to its full potential. In this way, we will save 4500 liters of water as well as electricity per month.
  • Instead of showering, use buckets and mugs which will save 150 to 200 liters of water per year.
  • We should close our taps properly after every use which will save 200 liters of water every month.
  • Dry and safe should be promoted to reduce excessive use of water during Holi festival.
  • To save ourselves from water wastage, we should be aware of the news of the people who are struggling daily for every drop of water for their lives.
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  • To spread awareness, we should promote programs related to water conservation.
  • Do not let too much water get wasted in the cooler during the summer season, use only what is needed.
  • We should not destroy water by pouring water on lawns, houses or roads through pipes.
  • Encourage planting of saplings during the rainy season so that plants get natural water.
  • We should make a habit of washing our hands, fruits, vegetables, etc. with water utensils instead of open taps.
  • We should avoid watering the plants from 11 am to 4 pm as they evaporate at that time. Plants soak water well in the morning or evening by giving water.
  • We should encourage plantation which is dry tolerant.
  • We should motivate family members, children, friends, neighbours, and co-workers to adopt the same process to their end to achieve positive results.


The most important source of life on earth is water because we need water to perform all the functions of life such as drinking, preparing food, bathing, washing clothes, producing crops, etc. We need to save water for the proper supply of water for future generations without polluting it. We should prevent wastage of water, use water properly and maintain the quality of water.10 lines on Water Conservation

1000 Words Long Essay on Water Conservation in English

Water Conservation long Essay In English for Class 11 and 12


Water is life, we have been listening to all this and have been saying, but who believes? It is necessary to save one drop of water today. If we do not save water today, then for each drop of it, our future generation will have to constantly keep the water level down. Where about 20 years ago, water coming from a depth of 40 feet has now gone 90 to 100 feet.

Stop Water Wasting

We have to stop water waste. You know, water is there, tomorrow is water, we need it today and for this, we have to first stop its waste, some places in our country have open taps, water is used more for cleaning without any reason.

If there is a tap running in a public place, then no one considers it a responsibility to turn it off, first of all, if everyone starts to understand their responsibility, without running the tap, working, washing, bathing, etc. Useless material, then give water savings can substantially reduce as far as we break our own because many times we wasting water flying in sweltering heat at the same sky bird thirst for your needs.

Water Conservation and Storage for Saving Water

Water is the basis of life, if we have to save it, then it has to be conserved. The availability of water is decreasing, and the epidemic is increasing, so the solution to this water crisis is needed today, and it becomes the responsibility of every human being to save it, it becomes our national responsibility and we are likewise from the international community.

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We expect responsibility because the source of water is limited, in such a way we can combat the water crisis by keeping the water sources safe. For this, we will have to curb our indulgent tendencies and become frugal for the use of water and we will have to deal with this problem by removing this mismanagement of water.

Water-saving in agriculture is needed today

If we say there will be no agriculture, what will we eat? But if you take care of water in it too, you can save water.

  • According to each crop, water should be determined accordingly. Irrigation should be planned for irrigation purposes.
  • Low water consumption technologies such as compactor and drip irrigation should be encouraged.
  • Research should be encouraged for low water consumption and high yielding seeds for various crops.
  • As far as possible such food products should be used in which less water is used. Reducing unnecessary waste of food is also necessary, so the use of water that is increased in its production goes in vain, so its need can be met today by stopping the waste of water in these fertilizers.

Why should we save water?

Why should we save water? For this, we have to understand the importance of water, first of all, man can live without other things in his life, but he cannot live without oxygen and water and food, water is the most important of these three valuable things.

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We have 71% water on our earth, but we all know that only 2% water is worth drinking, and this paan is being used by one billion people every day, it is also estimated that by 2025 water scarcity is 3 Billion people will suffer so if we save water, then tomorrow and today this problem can be solved. For this, we have to make water safe from today itself and prevent it from going waste.

Cleanliness of water is also the need of water today

Many millions of people are dying every year from diseases due to water pollution, this water will have to be prevented from getting contaminated so that that water can be used in today’s need.

  • Around 13 litres of water is wasted in making a page of the newspaper, then imagine how much water is going on in the whole world.
  • In our country every 15 seconds, a child is dying of the waterborne disease.
  • Imagine how much damage is caused by this contaminated water, how many diseases and water can be saved if the water is prevented from getting contaminated.

Saving water is needed today

First of all, we must swear that we will save water and stop its waste. If all the people on the whole earth will save a little water, then a lot of water can be saved.

  • By conserving rainwater, it can be used in other daily work such as washing clothes, watering in the garden, bathing can also be used.
  • If we use a bucket for bathing instead of the shower while bathing, then we can save 100 to 200 litres of water daily.
  • Use the tap to close it tightly. Due to falling water, a lot of water is wasted.
  • Plant most trees in the rainy month so that the plants can get water naturally and the trees prevent the plant from cutting.
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We should also understand social duty so that we can stop the waste of water wherever we see the faucet running whether it is a railway station, bus stop or any public place, to save the loss of tap and wastewater because if If we did not understand the need to solve this problem today, then tomorrow we will have to suffer heavy loss.


Thus water provides life on earth for us and other beings, water is a gift given to us by humans and other beings. Without this, you cannot even imagine life on any planet other than Earth, so saving water is needed today, water is life, life is tomorrow and today it is.


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