How AI Paraphrasing Fix Grammar Issues

The present age is an age of technology. Today, many enterprises have made their way into online platforms. Here we come across a lot of content. Mostly, people create the whole content themselves as per their need but there may be thousands to millions of people writing on the same topic or niche. Due to free and easily available content on the internet, there are also chances of copying the relevant content and pasting it in your content as per your need.How AI Paraphrasing Fix Grammar Issues

To resolve such issues artificial intelligence makes a complete analysis of the content to spot the plagiarized content. The tools working behind highlighting the grammar issues and plagiarism also paraphrase the plagiarized content and make it unique and appealing.

Today, many AI tools are working to remove plagiarism in a couple of moments. These tools work on the principle of changing the grammatical structure, words, forms, and sequence of the whole paragraph without spoiling the meaning and sense of the original text.

In the current age, artificial intelligence has been of great help for students who work on similar assignments and face plagiarism issues. AI is also no less than a blessing for the writers whose whole endeavor circulates making their content unique, 100 % original, free of grammatical errors, and plagiarism-free. You can make your content easily readable, engaging, and ready to publish using AI paraphrasing tools.

Let’s see how AI paraphrasing tools work to enhance the quality and worth of your content.


Paraphrasing means rewording or rewriting the given passage or text, to add to its clarification and finish plagiarism. AI paraphrasing tools are of utmost importance; when you intend to write essays, thesis, articles, blogs, research papers, and pieces of journalism. 

Example 1

Original: You don’t need to be the best at gardening to grow plants.  

Paraphrased: For growing plants, you don’t have to be a professional gardener. 

Example 2

Original: These days staying inside can be suffocating, most especially in places with strict lockdown restrictions.

Paraphrased: Spending a lot of time under lockdown restricted places may be choking and irritating.

A few words have been changed in both the examples to make the sentences original, plagiarism-free, and depicting the same sense.

Working of AI Paraphrasing Tool 

There are several methods of paraphrasing. Some are described below.

  • Change of Parts of Speech

In this type of AI paraphrasing, we generally replace nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs with new parts of speech. Change of Parts of Speech

For example:

Original Sentence

The determined boy kept running after crossing the finish line to seize yet another victory.


The passionate boy continued running even after hitting the target point to achieve another success.

In this example, one adjective is replaced with another adjective (determined with passionate), a verb with a verb (kept running with continued), and a noun with a noun (finish line with target line).

  • Changing the Structure

This method includes altering the voice of the sentence from active to passive and vice versa. We use this technique when we mean to reflect the writer’s interpretation of the original text. 

Original Sentence

Numerous kind-hearted people adopted orphans from widows this year.


This year orphans were adopted from widows by numerous kind-hearted people.

  • Replacement of Synonyms

It is the most common and simplest form of paraphrasing: changing words with words carrying similar meanings.

Original Sentence

The homeowners are lavishly spending money to make their homes soothing and appealing. 


The homeowners are investing huge amounts of money to gain beauty and comfort in their homes. 

Here soothing and appealing become beauty and comfort while spending money turns to invest amounts.

Original Sentence

The older citizens were honored with a parade for those once in the military.


Elderly citizens were welcomed with a march for veterans.

In this example, older citizens were replaced by elderly citizens, parade by march, and once those in the military by veterans.

  • Reduction of Clauses

As the name indicates, we reduce clauses in the sentence. In other words, we remove redundancy and make it more meaningful and engaging.

Original Sentence

While I understand where you’re coming from, and truly respect your opinion, I wish you would express yourself more clearly, as Clara does.


I understand where you’re coming from and respect your opinion, but I wish you would be more like Clara and express yourself more clearly.

How to Fix Grammar Issues by AI Paraphrasing Tool

AI paraphrasing tools work by picking a part of the text and turning it into a completely different one. These tools also highlight grammatical errors and fix them too. 

Here are some examples.

Example 1: 
  • She eats two apple daily.
  • She eats two apples daily.      
Example 2: 
  • You was composing a symphony.
  • You were composing a symphony.

Artificial Intelligence works behind grammar checking and fixing the issues. Indeed, AIs are infused with grammar rules about specific typos, verbs, tenses, sentence structure, etc. Then it is easy for an AI tool to spot grammatical problems. AI software not only marks spelling errors, sentence mistakes, and grammatical issues but also offers several suggestions and potential replacements to make the content better.

Another advantage of AI to resolve grammar issues is that they can instantly identify grammar errors that come in view when lexicon is introduced or other things added.AI paraphrasing and grammar checker tools are kept up to date, thus ready for most authors’ and editors’ ongoing correction requirements. These tools can be found both in free and paid versions. Here is a list of the four best AI-based Paraphrasing Tools.

  2. Quillbot
  3. Word AI

Among all the best AI paraphrasing tools, is the most popular and reliable tool for the usage of Artificial intelligence and Natural language Processing. 

Even the free version of Paraphrasing Tool can accurately change your sentence structure along with the improvement in the grammar errors. 

There are different modes including the following: 

  • Human 
  • AI Robot
  • Remove Plagiarism 
  • Fix Grammar 
  • Fix Sentence Structure 

All of these modes have specific uses and the “Fix Grammar” mode is best to improve the grammar of your writing. 

  • Quillbot


This is another popular paraphrasing tool specially designed for writers who seek help checking lots of style issues, grammar problems, and writing suggestions. It particularly deals with large projects and is beneficial for people who have a lot of writing output and need to edit huge amounts of text at their job. However, the professionals have to pay for using this tool and it may prove expensive for students or freelancers.

  • Word AI

Word AI

Word AI is a premium paraphraser and like other AI tools, it also makes a thorough analysis of the text and offers options to make valuable changes. To paraphrase a text, you don’t have to download any file that may take time. Instead, you can directly paste your text, quick emails, or essay paragraphs to paraphrase. 

Different variations are starting from “Very Unique” to “Very Readable”. 

Final Though on AI Paraphrasing Tool & Fixing Issues

Today’s AI paraphrasing and grammar checking are extremely powerful. If you want to submit a thesis, a research paper, an essay, or an article, the above AI tools are the best option to avoid mistakes, save time, and fix issues, if any. Do you know today’s AI paraphrasing and grammar checking tools serve as the right hand of the writers?

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