Paragraph on Earthquake in English for Student

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Short Paragraph on Earthquake for Class 1 and 2 Students

100 words on Earthquake Paragraph in English

Whenever an earthquake, such as a devastating and catastrophic disaster, such a strong vibration occurs on the earth that everything is destroyed in an instant. Not only do hundreds of lives get destroyed in an instant when an earthquake strikes, but the property worth crores and billions of rupees also becomes a pile of debris in one stroke.

No matter how many buildings collapse when there is a strong earthquake, rivers, reservoirs are inundated, earth bursts, and the risk of tsunami increases, the earthquake cannot be stopped with immediate effect.

Short Paragraph on Earthquake for Class 1 and 2 Students

140 words on Earthquake Paragraph in English

Nature is invincible due to the creation of God. Man has been struggling with the forces of nature since time immemorial. He has succeeded in inaugurating many secrets of nature on the strength of his intelligence, courage, and power, but not the ability of man to exercise absolute authority over the powers of this nature. Nature comes in many forms.

It sometimes shows a soft and pleasant form, sometimes it takes such a harsh form that a man becomes constrained and helpless in front of it. Half, storm, famine, drought, excess rain, and earthquake are such divine outbreaks.

Causes of Earthquakes – The shaking of the land is called an earthquake, Haldol, and earthquake. No part of the earth has survived where earthquake shocks have not occurred. There is no significant loss due to the mild tremors of the earthquake, but whenever there are shocks, they present a catastrophic scene.

Short Paragraph on Earthquake for Class 1 and 2 Students

150 words on Earthquake Paragraph in English

The shaking and tremor of the Earth’s surface are known as an earthquake. Earthquakes are considered one of the most dangerous natural disasters because they cause great damage to life and property. Sometimes earthquakes have a low intensity and thus go unnoticed while some are quite violent and destructive and certainly cause a lot of destruction on Earth.

Earthquakes are usually unpredictable and thus considered dangerous because people do not receive any warning before this. Earthquakes cause severe damage to buildings, homes, and other properties. The intensity of an earthquake depends on the magnitude and distance to that location from the epidensor. The earthquake center is the point where the earthquake originates.

The geographical location of the place also determines the earthquake type and its severity. There are basically four types of earthquakes such as tectonic, volcanic, collapse, and explosive. All these types have different reasons for the groundbreaking.

Short Paragraph on Earthquake for Class 1 and 2 Students

160 words on Earthquake Paragraph in English

The unwanted movement in the earth is called an earthquake. An earthquake occurs when the earth is stirred by internal hot materials. Sometimes an earthquake is mild or sometimes a heavy intensity. When a low-intensity earthquake occurs, the earth feels shaken only in a particular region, but it has no side effects.

High-intensity earthquakes sometimes cause heavy damage. Rough and weak houses collapse, there is a huge loss of movable and immovable property. Hundreds of humans die by being buried in the rubble of the house. Thousands are injured. People are forced to live in temporary residence through homelessness. It takes several months or many years for conditions to normalize.

The earthquake cannot be stopped, but due to the precautions taken, the damage caused by it can definitely be reduced. To prevent this, seismic buildings should be constructed. An earthquake should not worry, but the necessary precautions should be taken. Earthquake is a natural disaster, it must be combated together.

Short Paragraph on Earthquake for Class 1 and 2 Students

190 words on Earthquake Paragraph in English

Earthquakes occur suddenly, usually without any warning or signal, and can cause massive destruction. Although there is a separate branch of science called seismic that studies earthquakes and tries to predict their occurrence, it does not help in determining the exact time or date of this natural disaster.

Scientists around the world constantly try to predict the occurrence of earthquakes. Although the seismology department warns against earthquakes in some areas in the future, it is unable to ascertain when exactly it will occur.

As the saying goes, little knowledge is dangerous so lame predictions about earthquakes do more harm to people than good. People start getting scared due to the earthquake. Panic can be seen clearly among the people living in such areas as they cannot do much about protecting themselves from the possible destruction caused by this natural disaster.

However, earthquakes are not always severe and catastrophic. Sometimes they are small and light. Sometimes, they are so light that people do not even know that it has happened. However, even in the slightest setback, it is suggested to evacuate the buildings and come out in an open area to ensure safety.


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