Paragraph on Importance of Books in English for Students

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Short Paragraph on Importance of Books for Class 1 and 2 Students

140 words on Importance of Books Paragraph in English

No matter how many friends and modern technology are available around us, books are still our best friends and play an important role in our lives. These days when all the information is just a click away, reading books is losing its charm. Good books enrich our minds with good thoughts and knowledge like a good friend.

The great men of the past have given us their precious advice through books. Honouring books means respecting our past, culture and heritage. Books are written by experienced and scholarly authors, so all kinds of precious information are contained in them.

Reading books based on famous and successful people motivates us to do something for the betterment of society. The knowledge gained by books is that precious treasure which always stays with the person. Books are the best means of character building. The person who makes books his friend never feels alone.

Short Paragraph on Importance of Books for Class 3 and 4 Students

150 words on Importance of Books Paragraph in English

The author who writes any book is called. The book mirrors the imagination, emotion and knowledge of the author. Through the book, the author spreads the light of knowledge. The authors who write the book also leave the world, but the book always remains. The book immortalizes the name and work of any author.

Great philosophers and writers like Aristotle, Shakespeare have left the world but their work is still alive in books. In olden times, the book was handwritten as there was no facility of printing then. Writers used to put knowledge on a page with a pen. At that time, a copperplate or a banquet was used for writing. Books were less written then.

The exchange of knowledge was mostly by speaking and memorizing. Nowadays, books of many authors are available on almost every subject. There is also no binding of language in books. Presently the book becomes available in various languages like Hindi, English, Urdu.

Paragraph on Importance of Books for Class 5 and 6 Students

160 words on Importance of Books Paragraph in English

It is to be seen that the evidence of the existence of books gives our Vedas and Puranas, but their development took place after many years. We use books to collect knowledge. In earlier times, people used to take education orally. The teachers used to give knowledge.  He received from his teachers to his disciples as well.

But it was certain that in this way some knowledge must have been left. Then after searching for the paper, people used to write down the things learned in their class. And perhaps this is the reason that later on, we could easily get information related to our history.

History of book

Once the pages were invented, people started writing and at first, the book was handwritten. The printing press began in France in 1440 and gradually became widespread throughout the world. After this, the printed medium of books became available in society. The first book appeared in 1455 was the Bible.

Paragraph on Importance of Books for Children

180 words on Importance of Books Paragraph in English

Books are our true friends, they help us become civilized. The book guides us. Whenever we are in trouble, the book shows us the way and advises us. The old temple and the things of history are destroyed but everything in our books is very safe so that every person can know about his history and be proud of it.

By reading books like Gita, Ramayana etc., the mind experiences ultimate peace. Today, books are available in large quantities. Each subject has its own book so that we can get to know about our favourite subject without any confusion. Books are very useful for us and everything written in them is definitely useful in some stage of life. Books have great importance in our life, it makes us a good person by giving us sacraments and knowledge.

Without books, a man is unaware of many things. We can read about every subject whenever we want and we do not have to wait for any person for this. Book is the simplest and cheapest means of earning knowledge and we do not have to depend on anyone for this.

Paragraph on Importance of Books for Students

200 words on Importance of Books Paragraph in English

Books play an important role in our life because we get knowledge from books. Books are our best friends. A book is as faithful as no one else. A book gives us knowledge only, due to which our good interest Pustak also becomes entertainment. That is why it would not be wrong to call books as our friends.

Books are a store of inspiration, only by reading these, we get inspired to do great work in life. The book is the best way to convey your thoughts and feelings to others.

Books were not easily obtained in ancient times, the printing of books was not easy at that time. At that time, the medium of knowledge was used only by speech. In today’s modern era, the invention of printing makes books easily available. Now information on every subject is being published in books in every language.

It is better to stay with bad manners and read the book alone so that you will get deeper knowledge and you will get bad thoughts while staying in bad manners. By reading the book, the darkness of your mind ends and light is born in your mind and it does not take anything from us in return.

Paragraph on Importance of Books for Children

210 words on Importance of Books Paragraph in English

It is a hundred per-cent true that books are our best friends. They are our never failed companions. Books can be our guides, philosophers and teachers. When we are in trouble and do not know what to do, we should seek guidance from books.

Books are by far the most enduring products of human endeavour. Temples vandalize, decay into paintings and statues, but books survive. Time does not destroy the great ideas that are as fresh today as when they first passed through the ages of their author’s mind. What was then thought and said still clearly tells us from the printed pages?

The only effect of time has been to exclude bad products from currency because nothing can remain in the literature but what is actually good. They stand in every grief and sorrow as Mahatma Gandhi says when I was in trouble, I got the lap of Mother Gita to be comforted. By Mata Gita, he means Bhagavad Gita, the great gospel of truth told to his friend Arjuna through the mouth of Lord Krishna. All the great books of the world like Ramayana, Gita, Quran and Bible etc. are beneficial and useful for us and also show us the path in darkness.


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