Paragraph on Independence Day in English for Students

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Short Paragraph on Independence Day for Class 1 and 2 Students

90 words on Independence Day Paragraph in English

Independence Day is celebrated as a national festival across India on 15 August every year. India was liberated from the British on this day. From this day onwards, we had achieved our rights democratically. This freedom has been given to us by the Constitution under Fundamental Rights.

We are all in a self-governing country and all have the right to vote. This freedom fills us with a sense of self-reliance and independence. Our forefathers have given this freedom by sacrificing their lives. On this day we remember our fighters and salute them from all classes, castes, religions.

Short Paragraph on Independence Day for Class 3 and 4 Students

100 words on Independence Day Paragraph in English

Independence Day is celebrated every year by the people of India on 15 August 1947 as a national holiday to commemorate India’s independence from the British Empire. On this day, Shradanjali is given to those great leaders of India, under whose leadership the people of India became free forever.

People celebrate the day of August 15 in their own style, someone makes this day memorable with friends and families, and someone spends their time watching patriotic songs and films, as well as there are many who participate in many programs on this day. And through various mediums, the importance of Independence Day is propagated and disseminated.

Paragraph on Independence Day for Class 5 and 6 Students

110 words on Independence Day Paragraph in English

One of India’s national festivals is our Independence Day, the day India got independence from British rule after 200 years of slavery. Our Indian freedom fighters sacrificed everything and gained independence for the country of India.

Today we are enjoying the freedom and its peaceful open-air, the peace that we feel, how many countrymen had given up everything for this peace and happiness. Celebrations are held on Independence Day in every school, office, village, and city throughout India. The main ceremony is held at the Red Fort in Delhi. Indians understand the value of freedom. Hence, this festival is celebrated with joy by meeting all the people of India.

Paragraph on Independence Day for Students

150 words on Independence Day Paragraph in English

Every year Indians celebrate August 15 as Independence Day. India got the golden freedom on 15 August 1947, which people had been waiting for for years. On this day, the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru unfurled the national flag at the Red Fort. People were very happy to break the chains of slavery.

India has progressed a lot since then. People of India still celebrate their Independence Day with great enthusiasm. The Prime Minister addresses the nation by hoisting the flag at the Red Fort. They inspire the nation to remain united and maintain their independence. On this day there is a movement in different parts of the country.

People hoist the tricolor flag and congratulate each other on Independence Day. This day reminds us of our great freedom fighters and martyrs. Indians express their resolve to follow their stated path. Independence Day inspires the people of India to forget the differences and to innovate the country.

Paragraph on Independence Day for children

170 words on Independence Day Paragraph in English

15 August 1947 was a very lucky day for India. On this day, after nearly 200 years of slavery of the British, our country attained independence. Many freedom fighters lost their lives in order to provide independence to India. India was liberated from British rule after a tough struggle of freedom fighters. From then until today, 15 August is considered as Independence Day.

Independence Day is a national holiday in India. A day before this, the President of India addresses the country. Which is also shown in many TV channels along with the radio. Every year on Independence Day, the Prime Minister of the country hoists the tricolor on the Red Fort. After hoisting the tricolor, the national anthem is played and 21 times bullets are also saluted.

Along with this, the Indian armed forces, paramilitary forces, and NNCC cadets parade. On this day the Red Fort is broadcast live on TV’s DD National Channel and All India Radio. Keeping in mind the threat of terrorism, strict security arrangements are also made.


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