Paragraph on My Dream in English for Students

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Short Paragraph on My Dream for Class 1 and 2 Students

120 words on My Dream Paragraph in English

Everyone has ambition or desire. Everyone feels that we grow up to be a great person in our life. They work hard to fulfil their dream. It is important to have a dream in life. When we work hard to fulfil our dreams, then only we can achieve or achieve anything. I want to be a fashion designer in my life.

Everyone has to set small and big goals to fulfil their dream. I can become a fashion designer only when I can complete the course of fashion designing.

Right now I am completing school education. I need to see fashion blogs and websites to know about the fashion world. My ultimate goal is to become a fashion designer.

Short Paragraph on My Dream for Class 3 and 4 Students

170 words on My Dream Paragraph in English

Someone has rightly said that “miracles can happen when you give more importance to your dreams in front of your fears”. Dreams are necessary but this can only happen when you dream big with all your heart. Only then you will be able to achieve the big dream. As students dream to achieve good marks, make good friends, get support from family and do something big in life.

Like others, I too have dreamed of developing my career from a young age. I aspire to become a famous writer and write and publish a novel. I was never good at talking orally. It is my nature that I do not like being frustrated even if someone says anything to me.

I choose to remain silent during such situations. It is not that I cannot answer but as I said “I choose” because I am a peace-loving person. I am also a little introverted person and do not like to openly communicate with everyone. It is true that sometimes we run out of words. We try to write something but we can’t. In such cases, it’s better to rephrase the sentence online using an online paraphrasing tool. It will help you generate better sentences so that your words speak for their quality.

Paragraph on My Dream for Class 5 and 6 Students

180 words on My Dream Paragraph in English

From a very young age, children dream of becoming big professionals. They are fed with the importance of building a successful career. Everyone asks them about their purpose in life and career is the most focused. They set a goal and give their best to achieve the same.

While it is very important to establish yourself professionally, what people forget is that investing is equally important to nurture relationships, health and other aspects of life. So if you can dream about a rocking career then why not also dream of a good relationship and great health?

Everyone has a career dream. As children, I too had a dream of becoming a scientist and when I grew up I was fascinated by Bollywood actresses and wanted to become an actress, but that was only when I had completed my 12th standard. , I realized that I was of a technical mind and decided to get into engineering.

There is no harm in dreaming big but choose your path wisely keeping in mind your ability and other aspects. Do not set unrealistic career goals.

Paragraph on My Dream for Children

190 words on My Dream Paragraph in English

Everybody dreams, some have a dream in their eyes, some have thousands of dreams, some have small dreams and some have big dreams too. Since childhood, we are fascinated by many things and weave thousands of dreams.

Some dreams and desires keep on increasing with our age and we keep trying till the end to fulfil them. Dreaming is very important.

The dream does not mean the dreams that we see after closing our eyes, but rather we should see the dreams that we want to achieve in our life in any way and through this dream we can make our life successful and happy.

Sapna is a means that gives us the purpose to live life. A dream is like a goal and without any goal, we will not be able to create anything in our life.

We should teach our children that dreams, dream big dreams, these are the dreams that can make you a better person one day. And it is not only dreaming but also the desire to fulfil them, there should be courage and perseverance which will help to make your dreams come true.

Paragraph on My Dream for Students

200 words on My Dream Paragraph in English

Every man dreams. If there is something to be done in life, then dreaming is also necessary. Former President of India, Mr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam also always says to the children, “Have a big dream and be a big man.

” Since childhood, I also had a dream that I should become a pilot. Fly the plane in the sky. For this, first I told the teacher about my dream, then he advised me that I should first pass class XII in Mathematics and Physics subjects. Then I participate in the competition. He said that nowadays there is a lot of shortage of pilots in the country, so my dream will definitely be fulfilled.

I just have to work tirelessly for this. There is no work in the world that humans cannot do. He said that there was no word ‘impossible’ in Napoleon Bonaparte’s dictionary. It means to say that if we have to fulfil our dream or achieve our goal in our life, then the word ‘impossible’ has to be thrown out of our mind and thrown. I firmly believe in myself that I will one day become a pilot and fulfil my dream.

Paragraph on My Dream for Children

220 words on My Dream Paragraph in English

It has been rightly saying, “Miracles happen when you give your dreams as much energy as you give to your fears.” Dreams are necessary. This is only when you dream big with all your heart and you will be able to achieve big. As students dream to get good marks, be good friends, take support from family and make it big in life.

Like others, I too have cherished a career from an early age. I aspire to be a famous writer and one day write and publish a novel. I was not very good when it came to oral communication. It is inherent in my nature. I don’t like to be blunt or tedious even when someone says something. I like to stay pretty during such situations.

It is not that I cannot reply back, as mentioned I am a peace-loving person to do “I choose”. I am also a bit introverted and do not like to talk openly with everyone. However, it is not good to soothe feelings and emotions as it can make you tense and emotionally drain.

I always felt an urge to shout loudly and get rid of these feelings, when I was alone and soon discovered that a good way to get them out is through writing. I started writing and I realized that I am really good.


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