Paragraph on My Favorite Game in English for Students and Children

Paragraph on My Favorite Game- Games are an essential part of human life. Games help us to live life happily and also make us physically and mentally fit. Everyone loves to play games, especially children. Like everything, people have different favorite games which they love to play. Games keep the balance in the health of a person.

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100 Words Paragraph on My Favorite Game for class 1, 2, and 3 kids

Games are an important part of our life. We enjoy playing games as they keep us happy and healthy. I like to play games more than study. I feel bore while studying, but games keep me fresh and happy.

My mother scolds me for playing too many games. I play all kinds of games, but I love to play hide and seek with my friends. We play hide and seek at night because it gives us too much fun.

In this game, everyone hides, and one person has to find out all of us. It is fun to find all while they are hiding. I love to play hide and seek very much.

150 Words Paragraph on My Favorite Game for class 4 and 5 children

Games keep us fresh and healthy, and they are also important for a person to keep them fit. Games play an important role as an exercise in life. They help us in the development of body and mind.

Schools also have two to three games in one week. I like to play both indoor and outdoor games, but when my friends and I meet in the park near my house, we play badminton. I like to play badminton more than other games. 

I use to play badminton with my friends and also with my mother. She plays with me every morning during my vacations. Badminton helps me in exercise also as I jump and use both my hands and legs, so it refreshes my whole body.

I want to play badminton at the national level in the future and make my parents proud. I practice daily and play for my school as a junior player and got certificates that encourage me more.

200 Words Paragraph on My Favorite Game for class 6,7 and 8 students

Everyone plays games, whether children or elders. Games are more important for the physical and mental growth of a person. They act as good exercise for the human body.

Everyone should play games in their life as the games energize us from boredom from our daily work. Both indoor and outdoor games are helpful in their way as indoor games help us improve mental health and concentration, whereas outdoor games help us become physically fit. 

As a student, I have three games periods in one week in my school. Our PT teacher takes us to the playground, where we play different games and enjoy the period. Out of all the games I play, I love to play Volleyball more than other games.

I love Volleyball because, since childhood, big-sized balls have fascinated me. I always loved to play with a big ball rather than a smaller one like a cricket ball. I feel like Volleyball also acts as an exercise for my body as we jump and throw, which includes our whole body movement and energizes my whole body.

I also play Volleyball at the district level from my school, and I have won medals and trophies in the same. These medals and trophies encourage me to play better in every match. My parents also support me in playing and encourage me to give my best. 

250 to 300 Words Paragraph on My Favorite Game for class 9,10,11,12 and Competitive Exams

I love to play games more than I study because games make me energized, whereas I feel bored after a certain period while studying. Games are an important part of our life, like food, clothing, and shelter.

Sometimes, while playing my favorite game, I forget about my competitive exams and other exams, and I get scolded. Games are important for our body and the overall development of the human body, especially children. It is also one of the forms of exercise as outdoor games include whole-body movement.

All the games are important for human life, from hiding and seek in childhood to chess and table tennis at old age. All the games have their importance for human beings. The indoor games help us keep our mind fresh, build concentration, and help develop the mind.

Outdoor games help in the development of the body and proper growth. Cricket is one of the fascinating games on the Asian continent. Since my childhood, I love to play cricket because I love to watch cricket on television, and I learned the names of cricketers and cricket matches like one day, T20, etc. 

I play cricket because cricket has eleven players, and it requires unity of the whole team as one player cannot win the match. The contribution of each player is necessary to win. I love to bat and have scored runs in almost all the matches.

Playing cricket always energizes me and refreshes me from all the tiredness of the day. I want to play in the under-19 cricket team and always practice hard for my selection on the team. I play for my school and won awards with my team.

My parent and my friends always support me in playing cricket, and it encourages me more to play and give my best for the game. It keeps me healthy and physically fit.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding to this My Favorite Game Paragraph.

  1. What is the importance of games?

    Games are important in everyone’s life as they keep us fresh and act as a form of exercise that refreshes our whole body.

  2. What are the benefits of indoor games?

    Indoor games help in the mental growth of a person; they improve concentration, strengthen the mind, and improve thinking skills.

  3. What are the benefits of outdoor games?

    Outdoor games involve whole-body movement and refresh every body part. They are helpful for the physical growth of people and keep us physically fit.

  4. How do favorite games become the career of some people?

    Sometimes favorite games take us far apart and become the career of our lives. While taking our favorite games seriously, some of us become athletes, cricketers, footballers, and champions in other games.

  5. How can one develop an interest in games?

    There is no hard and fast rule of developing interest in games. One develops interest while playing a game and comes to know its importance.

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