Paragraph on Television in English for Students

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Short Paragraph on Television for Class 1 and 2 Students

140 words on Television Paragraph in English

Television is a useful gadget of modern times. A variety of programs are broadcast on television on various channels. For example, there are channels dedicated to the transmission of news and ideas around the world.

The news bulletin contains information on the latest developments in politics, economy, business, technology, arts, culture, and sports. News programs are also the latest in entertainment. Weather reports with detailed maps are also included in the news broadcast.

Apart from news channels, there are educational programs. There are also programs in trade and agriculture. There are also entertainment channels that broadcast films and plays, as well as music, dance, and cartoon programs.

Watching TV shows the latest happenings around the world. Television is also a means of entertainment. However, watching television, also known as the Idiot Box, is an unhealthy habit for extended periods of time.

Short Paragraph on Television for Class 3 and 4 Students

150 words on Television Paragraph in English

Television is considered an amazing invention of science. It is called Doordarshan in Hindi because it gives the vision of distant objects. Looking at the scenes on Doordarshan, it seems that the events are happening in front of the eyes, not far away.

This device that entertains the public and informs about the country and the world has become very popular today. Television was invented by scientist JL Baird. Initially, only black and white pictures were seen on it. Now colourful pictures can also be seen on it.

We get to see the picture taken in the same colour. Programs on television are broadcast from its centre, which has been produced from place to place by various broadcasters. These centres can be called studios. Communication satellites are helped in broadcasting programs on television. Nowadays broadcasts have become digital, allowing viewers to see clean pictures.

Paragraph on Television for Class 5 and 6 Students

170 words on Television Paragraph in English

Doordarshan has become an important part of our life and today when the era of globalization is going on, in such a situation, the role of Doordarshan is very important. Today, Doordarshan is impacting the lives of people and we are facing a crisis about how Doordarshan is changing our culture, conduct, and behaviour. In ancient times, humanity was inhabited by the people of our country.

People understood the difference between good and evil. But as modernity started coming, humanity began to decline from our society. Western culture is having an impact on the people of our country. Doordarshan is the first to attack India’s diversity in the globalization cycle. The young generation of women and children is the biggest contributor to safeguarding the culture of any country.

A good society is built in a country whose young generation and children are connected to the culture of that country. Attacking the culture of any country makes that country weak. Today, Doordarshan is doing the work of weakening the culture of the country.

Paragraph on Television for Children

180 words on Television Paragraph in English

Today television is found in almost every household worldwide. All are possessed by the rich, the poor and it is their most entertaining asset. However, the television we watch today is completely different from its predecessor in many ways.

The first televisions were very basic and started appearing in the early 1800s. However, they were underdeveloped and worked solely on mechanical principles. The concept consisted of scanning an image and then transmitting it to the screen. A major breakthrough came when Boris Rosing, a Russian in 1907, and English A. Campbell Swinton.

The world’s first electronic television was invented in 1927 by a 21-year-old inventor – Philo Taylor Farnsworth. They used radio wave technology to remotely transmit devices with screens. His technology was ahead of the mechanical TV concept.

Today, television has become the most important home appliance, so much so that it is almost impossible to spot a house without a television set. It is great for entertainment purposes and can also be really informative, but it also has some disadvantages such as addiction, explicit and violent content, social and psychological effects on a person, etc.

Paragraph on Television for Students

200 words on Television Paragraph in English

Television has become an important part of the lives of all of us these days. Television has its advantages and disadvantages for us.

The advantage of television is that we get all the information about the country and the world sitting at home and we are able to watch it live. With the help of television, we are able to understand the world well and get to know the views of different people.

Television is an important means of entertainment. People are very happy with the new program serial, music, movie, etc. and people forget their grief. Because of TV, all the people of the house sit together and talk to each other. Doordarshan employs many people and many new talents get the opportunity to work on television. It also removes the poverty of many poor people.

As much as television has its benefits, it also has more disadvantages. The biggest loss of television is the waste of time, especially by the students. Many people have become addicted to television, they sit in front of the television for many hours and watch all the useless programs. With this, their time is wasted and at the same time their mind is also affected and their minds gradually start to weaken.


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