Paragraph on Unemployment in English for Students and Children

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Short Paragraph on Unemployment for Class 1 and 2 Students

140 words on Unemployment Paragraph in English

Unemployment is a curse for society. This not only has a bad effect on individuals but unemployment also affects the whole society. There are many factors that lead to unemployment. Here these factors were explained in detail and possible solutions have been suggested to control this problem.

Factors that can increase unemployment in India

  • Increase in population
  • Tardy economic development
  • Seasonal business
  • The slow growth of the industrial sector
  • The decline in the cottage industry

Possible solutions to end unemployment

  • Population control
  • Education system
  • Industrialization
  • Foreign companies
  • Job opportunities

The problem of unemployment in the country has been around for a long time. Although the government has initiated several programs for employment generation, desirable progress has not yet been achieved. Policymakers and citizens must make collective efforts to create more jobs as well as to acquire the right skills for employment.

Short Paragraph on Unemployment for Class 3 and 4 Students

160 words on Unemployment Paragraph in English

India is a developing country. At present, almost all the problems that are present in front of developing countries are present in front of it. The main problem among those problems is unemployment. There are three types of unemployment in India: total unemployment, semi-unemployment, and seasonal unemployment.

Irrespective of the type of unemployment, it is terrible and explosive for any country to exceed its limit. On analyzing unemployment based on rural and urban areas, we find that there is more number of educated unemployed in cities. The number of uneducated unemployed people is more among the unemployed in the villages and in the cities from the villages.

Farmers living in the countryside have to face semi-unemployment as agricultural work is a seasonal enterprise. For this reason, agricultural labourers spend time as semi-unemployed due to lack of work throughout the year. Agriculture is the main source of income in rural areas. Although handloom or handicraft related work is also done there, employment opportunities in them are limited.

Paragraph on Unemployment for Class 5 and 6 Students

170 words on Unemployment Paragraph in English

Unemployment is a major problem facing the country which rapidly blocks the path of progress. The number of unemployed young men and women here is increasing day by day. Even after fifty years of independence, we are miles away from our goal of giving employment to all.

The growing problem of unemployment continues to be a challenge to our progress, peace, and stability. There are many reasons for unemployment in our country. The number of educated unemployed is increasing continuously along with the uneducated unemployed. 90% of the farmers in the country are incomplete or semi-unemployed for whom there is no work throughout the year. They are busy only at the time of crops.

There is not much work to do in the remaining time. If we look at the causes of unemployment, we will find that the biggest reason for this is the continuously increasing population of the country. The pace of population growth is much higher than our resources, due to which the balance of the country is deteriorating.

Paragraph on Unemployment for Children

180 words on Unemployment Paragraph in English

People who are ready to work and are looking for a job honestly, but are not getting to be unemployed. This includes those who are voluntarily unemployed as well as unable to find jobs due to some physical or mental health problems.

There are various factors that give rise to the problem of unemployment in the country. Contains:

  • Slow industrial development
  • Rapid growth in population
  • Focus on theoretical education
  • Cottage Industries declines
  • Lack of alternative employment opportunities for agricultural workers
  • Technological advancement
  • Unemployment affects not only individuals but also the development of the country. It is the country’s social and Negatively impacts economic growth.

Here are some consequences of unemployment:

  • Crime rate increase
  • Poor living standards
  • Loss of skill
  • Political instability
  • Mental health issues
  • Economic growth slowed

Surprisingly, unemployment remains one of the most overlooked issues in India, despite the negative consequences on society. The government has taken some steps to control the problem; However, these are not effective enough. The government should not only initiate programs to control this problem but also monitor their effectiveness and revise them when needed.

Paragraph on Unemployment for Students

190 words on Unemployment Paragraph in English

What a hungry man does not sin. A person depleted by wealth becomes merciful. He does not have the discretion of duty and duty. It has been said of the truth. Today our country of India is going through a terrible phase of unemployment.

There is no shortage of educated youth in our country. Compared to the job opportunities have decreased. It is said that when a person does not get work, his mind will be empty. Good and bad thoughts keep coming in the empty mind. When he has no food, he will lose his conscience by indulging in theft, robbery, robbery, murder, terrorist activities.

In such a situation, he will be inclined to do many reverse works. This is the reason why terrorists are being born in our country. Taking advantage of their unemployment, the contractors of religions give them patriotism, and sometimes religion, and get them to commit seditious activities.

Many have even accepted that it is a compulsion to earn their money by engaging in these works. Today’s youth is frustrated and disappointed. He does not understand how to get employment. Nowhere does he see his future as golden.

Paragraph on Unemployment for Children

200 words on Unemployment Paragraph in English

Unemployment is a big problem in the way of progress. Unemployment means that the person who wishes to work does not get work. Today, India is facing many problems. But out of all the problems, unemployment is the main problem. In ancient times, India was a full-fledged country, that is why it was called the golden bird.

Efforts have been made to overcome this problem for many years. But so far no one has been successful. Due to this, many families have become hollow due to financial conditions. This is the biggest hindrance to economic plans. Economic plans in our country will not be successful until the problem of unemployment is over.

Today we are independent but have not yet been financially competent. We keep hearing about theft, snatching, blood, and looting from all around. In today’s time, strikes are being done everywhere. Nowadays everyone is worried about filling the stomach of their family.

Those people fill the stomach of their family by walking on the path of goodness, or by walking on the path of evil, there is no value. Unemployment is a social and economic problem. This problem is spread equally in villages and cities.


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