Paragraph on Water in English for Students

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Short Paragraph on Water for Class 1 and 2 Students

120 words on Water Paragraph in English

Water is very important for humans. A man can live for 7 days without eating, but without drinking water, he will die in 3 days. We all feel thirsty and use water to quench thirst. To stay healthy, a person should consume at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day. When there is no water when you are thirsty, there is great discomfort. This shows the importance of water.

Water is life for humans. We must conserve water because water is rapidly extirpating from the earth. Today’s commercial activities have put drinking water in jeopardy. Pollution is being spread by large factories. Chemical waste is being discharged into rivers and lakes and ponds, contaminating the water. We have to take strong steps to stop it.

Short Paragraph on Water for Class 3 and 4 Students

140 words on Water Paragraph in English

Water is consumed at every step in our life. For example, water is drunk to live. Water is used to cook food. Water is used for bathing. The water is used to wash clothes and everything that can be washed. Water is used to keep the surroundings of the house and surroundings clean.

Water is the most priceless thing in this world. The god of water is Varun Dev. Man can only use clean water for his body, otherwise it has a bad effect on his health.

100% pure water is necessary for drinking because our body can adopt clean and pure water, otherwise, it has bad effects on our body. Water prevents you from becoming dehydrated and if a person becomes dehydrated then the person becomes powerless. It is necessary for a man to drink about 7-8 glasses of water a day.

Paragraph on Water for Class 5 and 6 Students

150 words on Water Paragraph in English

Water is the basic requirement for the functioning of all life forms on earth. It is safe to say that water is the only planet on Earth to support life. This universal life element is one of the major resources we have on this planet. Life is impossible to live without water. Eventually, it makes up about 70% of the Earth.

If we talk about our personal lives, then water is the foundation of our existence. The human body needs water to survive. We can live for a whole week without any food, but without water, we cannot survive even for 3 days. In addition, our body itself contains 70% water. This in turn helps our body to function normally.

Thus, the lack of sufficient water or consumption of contaminated water can cause serious health problems for humans. Therefore, the quantity and quality of water that we consume is essential for our physical health and well-being.

Paragraph on Water for Children

160 words on Water Paragraph in English

Water is the basis of life for not only humans but all beings. Water is also known as Pani, Neer, etc. It is a common chemical substance. Water is a compound composed of hydrogen and oxygen, exhibiting it with H2O. But the water available on earth is not H2O, many substances are merged in it, much particulate matter remains suspended. This is the basis of the life of all beings.

The term water is commonly used for the fluid state but it is also found in the solid-state (ice) and gaseous state (steam or water vapor). Water is also found in liquid-crystals on water-sensitive surfaces.

About 71% of the Earth is covered by 1.460 mole (PT) (1021 kg) of water that forms part of most oceans and other large water bodies. In addition, 1.6% of groundwater aquifers and 0.001% of water vapor and clouds (their Formation consists of suspended solids and liquid particles of water in the air).

Paragraph on Water for Students

170 words on Water Paragraph in English

Water is a priceless gift of nature. Water is essential for survival. Without food, we can stay hungry for many days, but it is impossible to survive without water. Water is the need of every living being. Not only humans, plants, animals, and birds also cannot survive without water.

Without water, the entire vegetation will disappear. What would happen if there was no water? Without water, there would be no crops, no fruits, no vegetables, no weeds, nothing. What happens around? nothing. No creature survives.

Earth does not produce grains, animals do not provide milk without mother-in-law, we do not get milk to drink. Water is of two types – one saline and the other sweet. Drinking water is sweet. The seawater is salty and salty. That water does not work for drinking.

The water that keeps flowing gets rotten, it stinks. Many types of insects in that water? The pandemic spreads due to the mosquitoes and mosquitoes. We also should not let water stand around our houses. This will keep our neighborhood clean and we will be healthy.

Paragraph on Water for Children

180 words on Water Paragraph in English

Where there is water, there is life. Life is not possible without water. Our Earth is the only planet on which life is possible because water and all other necessary things that make life possible are available here. Life is not possible on other planets such as Mars, Mercury, or Venus. They are like a barren desert because no water is found there. Water is essential for life and at the same time, it also makes the environment clean.

Many people die due to heavy rain and drowning, but water has special importance in life. Water is such a life-giving liquid, from whose touch, even the sick person gets up and gets a new life. No type of life can be imagined without water. It is a gift given by nature that we should respect.

We need water to drink, bathe, clean, and make snow. Water is also used in extinguishing the fire, entertainment such as playing colors in Holi, etc. Water is also used in swimming, the boat running, and fishing because if there is no water then there is no fish.


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