UGC – NET Key Preparation Kit You Need To Know Before Applying

UGC NET (University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test) is one of the toughest and well-organized higher intellectually demanding exams in India. Selected candidates are entitled to the post of Assistant Professor or both Assistant Professor and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in central government authorized colleges and universities.

The CBSE was in charge of the examination process of NET on behalf of UGC till 2018. From December of 2018, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has taken over authoritative control over the conducting process of the NET exam. This was the basic understanding of this important exam. Ambitious and highly intellectual candidates dream to qualify for this exam and follow their passion.

Understanding The Basics

Normally when you aim for big, you mistakenly take basic things lightly. These basic understandings are the foundation of a structure that will help you to qualify for the final exam. Most of us know these basic things but never take it as an integral subject of exam preparation.

Understanding the basics of UGC NET is all about getting a detailed examination of exam patterns, dates, all required tests and updates, syllabus, and keynotes. Not only it gives you important information but also helps you stay engaged in the nature of the exam and it helps you bind the further required educational actions.

Make Progress In Productivity

The syllabus is long and it demands very adequate reasoning and understanding skills. This can’t be done without an organized time structure to give time to subjects according to your interest and importance.

A well-spent time on books doesn’t matter if your outcome is not justified by productivity. The effort you put into studying UGC-NET will demand high-level intensity and engagement. Reading any highly influential literature books will help you to attain the required progress in comprehension tests. A self-managed timed course will help you choose subjects wisely.

For teaching and research aptitude, you should focus on doing subject-related online and research and memorizing it using gadgets. Literature or history or lecture audiobook will help you to enhance your communication skills. There are free audiobook lectures available online for aspiring candidates.

Make Resources Useful

Making resources useful is all about your study ethic and culture. There are basic steps that must be taken before setting up your goals. You have to organize your education resources in a very useful pattern so you can get the best of it in subjectively classified time. 

I am listing some of the important book resources to read. 

  1. Trueman’s UGC NET/SET General Paper I By M. Gagan and Sajit Kumar
  2. NTA UGC NET/SET/JRF – Paper 1 By KVS Madaan
  3. 2019 Latest Syllabus – NTA UGC NET / SET / JRF – Paper 1 By Harpreet Kaur
  4. Computer Awareness by Mini Goyal and Shweta Rani
  5. A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Nonverbal by B.S. Sijwali and Indu Sijwali
  6. Quantitative Aptitude by R.S.Aggrawal
  7. Trueman’s UGC NET Economics by Sriniwas Shirur
  8. Trueman’s UGC NET Political Science by K.A. Babu and Sajit Kumar
  9. Trueman’s UGC NET History by Promod Singh 

These are just a bunch of must-read books. There are more books to read and a passionate aspirant never likes to be away from books. This is the most important and useful resource available for qualifying for these UGC NET exams.

Practice The UGC NET Previous Papers

Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice makes a human perfect and practice is the best teacher. These are the lines we grow up hearing as motivation for moving ahead. In the case of UGC NET, these words should be in the practical nature of a candidate.

Practicing UGC NET previous year papers will eliminate your strangeness to exam patterns and that helps you manage the time limit of the UGC NET exam. These previous papers are a treasure of everything that needs to be understood subject-wise. You can put solving previous papers in your schedule, either you can put it as the last element of study or both, before starting the daily routine preparation and in the end too.

So stay up for all aspirants who are wishing to qualify for UGC NET. It is more than a subjective study. You can’t just repeat and memorize the Q and A, and expect to qualify this exam. Your intellectual ability needs to be professional and adequate.

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