Paragraph on Forgiveness in English for Students and Children

Paragraph on Forgiveness- Mistakes are an inevitable part of life. The one who never made a mistake had never learned anything new. We can learn from our mistakes, but a mistake made once is impossible to rectify. There is an only possible way to correct mistakes is through Forgiveness. Whether a mistake is made by us or by someone else, we should not apologize and forgive. Forgiveness is the act of overcoming the feeling of seeking revenge from those who have done wrong actions, harm us, or hurt us.

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100 Words Paragraph on Forgiveness for class 1, 2, and 3 kids

The nature of humans is to get angry towards those who have hurt or harm them. We tend to remember the actions of others that impacted us and made us feel bad. Everyone makes a mistake in their life.

Our actions can also hurt anyone; it is a human tendency to learn from mistakes. So we should learn to forgive others too. If we can forgive others, we can also learn to forgive ourselves and get rid of self-guilt.

People who can readily forgive others are more satisfied and responsible than those who seek revenge and develop feelings of hostility. 

150 Words Paragraph on Forgiveness for class 4 and 5 children

Forgiveness is the decision to avoid the feeling of seeking revenge and avoiding vengeance towards someone who has harmed us or hurt us. It provides the next chance to the person and lets the problem be solved with a better understanding.

One who can readily forgive someone is more responsible and mentally stable than those who develop a feeling of revenge. Forgiving others sets us free from anger, and stress can also help to repair damaged relationships. 

People who keep the feeling of taking revenge on others and if their decisions get wrong to live with a sense of guilt in their hearts. Forgiveness saves us from feeling guilty.

Some people also think that Forgiveness promotes the wrongdoer to commit the wrong actions repeatedly. People who show the virtue of Forgiveness set an example for others to follow the same thing as it helps us live our lives peacefully. 

200 Words Paragraph on Forgiveness for class 6,7 and 8 students

Forgiveness is an essential gesture and an essential concept of our lives. It can be defined as an act of forgiving or apologizing to someone for something done wrong, including themselves. It is a decision to let go of vengeance toward a person or group of people.

The Greek word for Forgiveness in Bible is “Let it go.” This concept of Forgiveness is not very easy to be applied in our life. Forgiveness also means giving another chance to the wrongdoer to correct themselves.

It is also an act of kindness to see if the wrongdoer is mentally or physically stable or in depression. By forgiving sometimes, we also come to know about the truth behind the wrong act of a person.  

We help people fill up the emotional wounds as they are the deepest ones more than those physical wounds. By forgiving others, one learns to surrender the burden of anger and resentment. It helps us to experience peace in our souls and mind.

Unforgiveness tends to give us a feeling of guilt and is an unnecessary burden to our hearts. We should forgive with the whole heart as saying “I forgive you” is not enough to forgive someone.

250 to 300 Words Paragraph on Forgiveness for class 9,10,11,12 and Competitive Exams

Forgiveness is much more than saying, “I forgive you.” It is a gesture of letting go of a wrong commitment or action of a person without having any feeling of revenge or anger in mind. We forgive someone without punishing them for their bad behavior.

Forgiveness always helps us in supporting one another. It is one of the greatest human virtues like kindness. It heals us and gives us relief from many bad feelings. The decision of Forgiveness releases the feelings of vengeance towards the person who did wrong to us.

Forgiveness helps us give a second chance to the person who did wrong to us to correct themselves. A person who does not have strong feelings of Forgiveness always has a sense of anger in the heart, which leads to anxiety and depression, affecting our health.

It leads to a lot of bitterness in our minds and hearts because of hatred inside us. Forgiveness helps us in repairing our relationships and other relations. Sometimes we hold grudges about a person, but sometimes it is because of misunderstanding.

By forgiving a person, we save ourselves from the feeling of guilt, and occasionally sitting with the wrongdoer helps us to know about his problems like mental or physical problems or other problems.

The sense of Forgiveness is necessary for the development of the world and repairs international relationships. 

Forgiveness brings us peace of mind not only to the wrongdoer but also to the forgiver. It also frees us from stress and anger. Therefore we should try to forgive others with a big heart instead of taking the issue to our heart. It helps us to free our minds from all negative feelings and thoughts. 

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding to this Forgiveness Paragraph.

  1. Define Forgiveness.

    Forgiveness is a gesture of letting go of a wrong commitment or action without the feeling of revenge or anger in mind.

  2. How forgiving someone helps the wrongdoer?

    When we forgive wrongdoers, it promotes them and gives them a second chance to correct their mistakes and bad behavior.

  3. What are the benefits of Forgiveness?

    Forgiveness helps us in repairing our relationships. It also helps fill up the mental and physical wounds of others and saves us from guilt.

  4. How does unforgiveness effects?

    A person who doesn’t forgive others easily with a whole heart has anger, anxiety, and even depression. It sometimes affects the health of the person.

  5. What is the Greek word for Forgiveness?

    The Greek word for Forgiveness is “Let it go.”

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